10,000 AI-Enabled Metaverse NFTs Launched by XANA have been Sold-Out Almost Instantaneously.

XANA Gensis

XANA: Genesis, an innovative NFT series that continues to evolve with AI

XANA Metaverse, developed by NOBORDERz (CEO: Rio Takeshi Kubo), announced on July 24 that it has sold out 10,000 AI-enabled and Metaverse-compatible NFTs from the XANA:Genesis series. At the same time, the company started its secondary distribution on OPENSEA.

XANA:Genesis is the first-ever Metaverse NFT collection released by XANA Metaverse after launching the NFTs of world-famous titles such as Ultraman and Astro Boy.

After successfully introducing cutting-edge products to the world with Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, and blockchain games, XANA has launched its own AI engine with the development code “Prophet.” The development of this AI engine took two years and is installed in XANA Genesis, a revolutionary partner of the Metaverse evolving with AI NFT.

XANA has listed the NFTs on four of the world’s top crypto exchange platforms during the weekend, and 10,000 NFTs were sold out immediately on the public sale day. The public sale price was 0.1 ETH (22,000 Japanese yen on the 24th). Currently, secondary distribution has already started at OpenSea.

The unveiling of the NFT will take place on July 29, followed by the opening of the AI page, where you can communicate with the AI in August. NFT has the potential for unlimited evolution in the future through additional patches, such as the ability to have voice conversations and animated movements. In addition, the NFT collection is an entirely new concept full of various utilities, such as bringing many benefits to the XANA metaverse lands (land) and GameFi (blockchain game).

■ About XANA:Genesis

XANA Metaverse’s “Artificial Intelligence Evolving Metaverse Partners,” an innovative NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs with AI communication and numerous utilities for XANA Metaverse lands and GameFi (blockchain game).

Official site : https://genesis.xana.net/

OpenSea : https://opensea.io/collection/xana-genesis



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