Astro Boy, Japanese Local Government, J&J Drops the Historical Metaverse GameFi NFTs to XANA

A fusion of world-famous characters, cutting-edge technology, and local Japanese communities.

Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd., J&J (JTB corporation, and JCB Inc.), Tottori Local Government Japan are coming together for an exciting new project: the metaverse-compatible GameFi, Astro Boy NFTs in XANA. The companies are releasing a series of NFT game cards following the theme of regional revitalization.

This project brings together three notable Japanese companies excelling in their domains. First is Tezuka Productions, which produces world-famous Manga and Anime content. The second company is JTB, whose network of tourism resources and local governments is influential throughout Japan. The third notable name, JCB which is the Japanese largest Credit card company, The fourth NOBORDER.z Inc. with its Platform XANA, develops products for NFTs, a metaverse, and metaverse blockchain technology.

About Astro Boy

Astro Boy is a renowned Manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. It is the story of an adorable little robot who is created by a mad scientist after the tragic demise of his son in a car accident. Later, he is seen fighting crime and evil using his superpowers, which include strength, flight, language translation, super hearing, and extreme intelligence.

Astro Boy Japan NFTs Enable Gaming and Support Japanese Culture

Apart from being a notable collectible, as well as a powerful playing card in an exciting new digital card game, the Astro Boy NFT project aims to support the local economy, and domestic tourism market of Japan, which was severely damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The companies will collaborate to release such NFTs that can be used in NFT games in the metaverse, attracting global attention.

The three companies will create NFTs of the world-famous Japanese character “Astro Boy”, locally known as Mighty Atom, in collaboration with various “local” areas in Japan as game cards that can be used in the NFT card game NFTDUEL. NFTDUEL is a digital card game that is fully integrated and made on top of the XANA Metaverse. NFTDUEL gives NFTs a great use case by allowing you to use them as playable cards in a PvP card game.

The Astro Boy NFTs are filled with the charms and culture of various regions of Japan, and once people port these NFTs over to the XANA metaverse from XANALIA, they can use them to create a deck of playable digital cards on NFTDUEL. Regional Astro Boy NFTs will make for powerful playing cards with unique abilities that will be really helpful in PvP matches. Play with them, create new cards by combining them, and monetize them through trading.

Astro Boy NFTs Listing on XANALIA

The first official launch of Astro Boy NFTs will be done on the XANALIA NFT Marketplace. XANALIA is the XANA metaverse’s flagship NFT marketplace, thus many NFTs on XANALIA can be seamlessly ported over to XANA’s virtual world.

All NFTs ported over to XANA will be treated as digital assets, and be given unique use cases on the metaverse. Most NFTs integrated onto XANA are treated as Wearable digital assets for your metaverse Avatars/characters (3D virtual humanoid models). These Wearables include Skins, Clothes, Shoes, and other accessories that users will be able to equip on their Avatars in the virtual to give them a unique, stylish look. Additionally, with the NFT Duel game on the XANA Metaverse, XANA supports NFTs as digital playing cards for a fun play-to-earn game.

XANA — The Future is Here

XANA comes with exciting features that support the virtual economy and let users experience immersion and realism like never before. Plenty of popular Anime, Manga, and IPs are collaborating with XANA because they want to be a part of something that has a promising future.

Collaboration between Astro Boy and XANA will gain attention from the masses. These popular NFTs will be available at XANALIA, XANA’s NFT marketplace, and can be ported to XANA for some exciting use cases. More exciting stuff will be coming to XANA soon, stay tuned to find out more.


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