Enter the World of XANA — The Next-Gen Metaverse

What is the XANA Metaverse & Blockchain?

XANA Metaverse Avatar Setup

Using the XANA Metaverse and Its Features

  • The users can log into XANA using either their email ID, contact number, or through their XANALIA wallet.
  • As soon as you sign up on XANA, you can create your avatar. There are 30 pre-made avatars, but users can customize their look in the metaverse according to their choice. From choosing the skin color to the hairstyle, everything is possible in XANA.
  • You are also at liberty to pick clothes and accessories for your avatar.
  • As of now, XANA has 22 worlds allowing the users to enjoy their time in unique and different environments within the metaverse.
  • It contains 6 museums that users can utilize as NFT marketplaces, where you can view the NFTs displayed by any user.
  • Through such displays of NFTs, NFT trading also becomes a possibility, and it can be done through XANA’s NFT marketplace XANALIA.
  • At the moment, XANA allows its users to hold static events anywhere in the different worlds it has to offer.
  • It also comes with multiplayer interaction where users can chat or voice chat with others within XANA.
  • You can make your avatar perform various activities by using XANA’s 150+ animations, letting it perform actions like swaying, dancing, and jumping. XANA has 150+ animations, which allow you to perform almost all everyday actions.
  • In XANA, you can create groups with your friends on the platform.
  • SNS feed is also available on XANA, where you can post your avatar selfies. You can follow other users within the metaverse and enjoy their updates on your live feed.
  • XANA is now offering the access pass, which allows you to enjoy all the superior functionalities that are not available to general users.
  • The access pass will let you attend the NFT Art Award Event taking place on XANA.



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