Enter the World of XANA — The Next-Gen Metaverse

XANA Metaverse, operating on Ethereum Sidechain: XANA blockchain, has some exciting features lined up for metaverse enthusiasts.

In literal terms, meta means more comprehensive, and a universe is anything related to time and space. Instead of divulging in literal meanings of the term, we can take the metaverse as a combination of digital technologies bringing premium virtual experiences to the masses.

For years, a metaverse was a concept that only existed in Sci-Fi movies and literature. The development of the latest modern technology has made full-scale metaverses that encompass an entire virtual world, such as XANA, possible. Metaverses are this year’s fastest-growing trend and are expected to continue growing with the immense amount of mainstream attention they are getting.

XANA is a one-of-a-kind metaverse that will change the very perception of virtual reality by creating a highly interactive virtual world with its own life-like digital economy. XANA metaverse will use its own XANA blockchain, NFTs, Avatars (3D humanoid models) that represent your character in the metaverse, and a fully integrated NFT Marketplace, XANALIA to make it a fully functional virtual world.

What is the XANA Metaverse & Blockchain?

XANA is a metaverse operating on the Ethereum sidechain: XANA blockchain, and it is bridged with all major blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, and others. Over 100 team members worked on the development of XANA for two years and created a world of decentralized ecosystems.

XANA is made on its own custom layer-2, XANA blockchain to offer super speed, impressively low cost, and superior features. The primary feature of the XANA blockchain is that it works remarkably well with the XANA metaverse. The XANA blockchain and metaverse have a one-of-a-kind symbiotic relationship that no other metaverse benefits from. Any digital asset like tokens or NFTs launched on the XANA blockchain can seamlessly be integrated onto the XANA metaverse, and vice versa.

Additionally, any applications launched on the XANA blockchain can also be seamlessly integrated onto the XANA Metaverse.

XANA Metaverse Avatar Setup

People who enter the XANA metaverse will be represented with a metaverse avatar. Avatars are 3D humanoid models that users can use to explore the metaverse, communicate with other players, and participate in activities around the virtual world.

Avatars on the XANA metaverse can equip clothes, shoes, accessories, and even entire skins. All these equip able items on the XANA metaverse are called wearables, a type of digital asset on the metaverse, and they are used to give your Avatar a unique look that helps them stand out in a virtual world filled with people.

XANA is collaborating with popular Animes, Mangas, and Clothing Brands who will be supplying a lot of wearables to XANA, so that users will have a wide variety of amazing wearables to equip on their Avatars. Apart from that, any individual artist who meets XANA’s requirements will also be able to create their own wearable digital assets, and upload them onto the XANA metaverse. This is an article that (Link the article) gives more details on how digital artists can make real money on the metaverse by creating wearable digital assets, and selling them as NFTs on XANA.

To get access to wearables on XANA, people will first have to buy them from XANA’s NFT marketplace, XANALIA. Once someone owns an NFT that represents a certain wearable digital asset they will be able to port them to XANA, and equip them on their Avatar on the XANA metaverse.

Using the XANA Metaverse and Its Features

Currently, the features available on XANA include:

  • The users can log into XANA using either their email ID, contact number, or through their XANALIA wallet.
  • As soon as you sign up on XANA, you can create your avatar. There are 30 pre-made avatars, but users can customize their look in the metaverse according to their choice. From choosing the skin color to the hairstyle, everything is possible in XANA.
  • You are also at liberty to pick clothes and accessories for your avatar.
  • As of now, XANA has 22 worlds allowing the users to enjoy their time in unique and different environments within the metaverse.
  • It contains 6 museums that users can utilize as NFT marketplaces, where you can view the NFTs displayed by any user.
  • Through such displays of NFTs, NFT trading also becomes a possibility, and it can be done through XANA’s NFT marketplace XANALIA.
  • At the moment, XANA allows its users to hold static events anywhere in the different worlds it has to offer.
  • It also comes with multiplayer interaction where users can chat or voice chat with others within XANA.
  • You can make your avatar perform various activities by using XANA’s 150+ animations, letting it perform actions like swaying, dancing, and jumping. XANA has 150+ animations, which allow you to perform almost all everyday actions.
  • In XANA, you can create groups with your friends on the platform.
  • SNS feed is also available on XANA, where you can post your avatar selfies. You can follow other users within the metaverse and enjoy their updates on your live feed.
  • XANA is now offering the access pass, which allows you to enjoy all the superior functionalities that are not available to general users.
  • The access pass will let you attend the NFT Art Award Event taking place on XANA.

All those users who have the access pass will enjoy premium features on XANA. Anyone who has ever purchased an NFT from XANALIA will be treated as an intermediate user who will also have access to some premium features. Contrarily, basic users on XANA will not be able to get access to all the premium features.

More features will come to XANA very soon, as noteworthy collaborations with big brands, and governments are under process. Being user-centric, XANA will empower its users to create and earn in the metaverse. To know more about our latest updates, visit our official website or join our Discord and Telegram communities.




XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains.

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XANA | Metaverse

XANA | Metaverse

XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains.

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