GODS FLAME and Its 20 Million Gamers Are Entering XANA Metaverse

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4 min readFeb 25, 2022


GODS FLAME, an excellent game production company in Taiwan, brings their multiple million user-base Games into GameFi ecosystem on the XANA metaverse.

XANA Metaverse has established a new partnership with GODS FLAME, a leading game development company in Taiwan. Through this partnership, XANA provides its Metaverse and GameFi infrastructur to empower a big name in the gaming industry to create a GameFi ecosystem on the XANA metaverse.

GameFi + Metaverse: Unlimited potential for earning while playing

When we play games, we want to take the form of our favorite characters and build our own stories in the digital world. At the same time, we hope that everything we do in the game possesses real-time value. The new gaming ecosystem brought by the collaborations of XANA and GODS FLAME combines Gamefi + Metaverse and will help players achieve both these incredible goals.

In the XANA Metaverse, you can use a special Avatar, which is a 3D humanoid model, to enter the virtual world, and become whatever character or individual you want to be. You can use the build tool to create whatever you want on your land in the metaverse’s virtual world with other players according to your wishes. The Avatar, your creations as well as any other digital assets your XANA metaverse Avatar owns will be recorded on the XANA blockchain as your NFT property. These NFTs will carry value in the real world as well.

GODS FLAME is developing a play-to-earn model, which is an integral part of GameFi that allows players to earn an income while playing their favorite games. As a metaverse, XANA has a create-to-earn system that lets users monetize their creations in the virtual world. Having a GameFi ecosystem integrated into the metaverse gives people more opportunities to earn and increase their value within the virtual world. As mentioned earlier, value created in the metaverse also translates into real world value.

About Gods Flame

A team of dedicated gamers with over 13 years of industry experience across PC, mobile, and console platforms found GODS FLAME. Equipped with high-end technology and possessing a talented game development team, GODS FLAME is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and soon, the capital market will list it.

Team members have developed mobile games with over one million downloads and won awards, such as the “Taiwan Game Original Award” and “Ministry of Economic Affairs Digital Content Products” many times.

The games developed by the team are distributed in many places around the world through authorized cooperation, covering China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, and other areas.

GODS FLAME has grown to a player base of over 20+ million players by building several blockbuster games. Soon, they’ll be launching their latest GameFi venture, “ERA OF GODS”, and become a part of the XANA Metaverse.

About XANA Metaverse

XANA Metaverse will be building a new world for upcoming collaborative projects. Any player who owns an avatar skin will have access to the world. As a token of appreciation, some players will have the opportunity to take ownership of land in the world. This means that apart from wearing the skin of your favorite avatar, you can also run your kingdom in the metaverse.

The landmark building is built in advance, but you can further transform it. It can be used to hold various games, competitions, activities, performances, exhibitions, and community gatherings. The players will also be able to sell tickets for the events they organize.

It’s going to be a unique experience, not just on your screen or your phone, but a virtual world with a multi-dimensional social experience. Moreover, limited land slots are available on XANA Metaverse, and the gaming world is becoming more active with time, bringing great commercial value to players.

Wrapping Up

Collaborating with GODS FLAME will allow the XANA Metaverse to integrate an entire Gaming ecosystem in its virtual world. GODS FLAME intends on creating a unique GameFi oriented gaming experience, which means their games will have many play to earn features in them.

A GameFi ecosystem on XANA will allow its metaverse users to earn tokens, NFTs and other valuable digital assets by simply playing the games available in XANA’s virtual world. The first excellent project in cooperation with GODS FLAME will be released soon, and we will continue to update more information on XANA’s SNS. Stay tuned!



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