Koto Local Government Japan Hosted The Most Immersive Art Exhibition in XANA

NOBORDER.z bringing the global art world to the comfort of your home

XANA Metaverse by NOBORDER.z held an interactive virtual exhibition in collaboration with Tokyo Koto ward, which displays artworks created by artists with disabilities around Koto Ward. KOTO and XANA utilized the latest metaverse technology to create an immersive experience where you can appreciate artists and their artworks from the comfort of your home.

The “Sports and Culture Festival” for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games were organized by Koto ward Tokyo. They used the metaverse application “XANA” to organize the “Koto Heartful Art Exhibition” and “Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic exhibition”.

What is Koto Heartful Art Exhibition?

The “Koto Heartful Art Exhibition” features works by artists with disabilities, and uses cutting-edge tech to create an interactive virtual exhibition. This exhibition includes artworks created by people with disabilities living, working, or attending schools at Koto Wards in Tokyo. It is based on the “Sports and Culture Festival” of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held this year. It has been held at three venues in each region from January to March 2021.

XANA’s application provides more than just convenience because it is not bound by time or place, On XANA’s metaverse world, users can reproduce and experience the exhibited artworks in a virtual space, which will replicate the real-world experience. Users can become avatars and freely go around the virtual space while viewing artworks. It expresses a realistic view of the world unique to VR, such as the greetings from the Mayor of Koto Ward and the comments and greetings from the judges, judging the exhibition this time.

Exhibitions Are With You Wherever You Go!

The “Metaverse Exhibition” of XANA can be viewed not only on smartphones but also on devices such as PCs and tablets so that a wide range of people, including the younger generation, can explore the artworks. XANA’s metaverse allows you to experience everything that can be experienced within a real exhibition.

What Does the Future Look Like For Metaverse In Virtual Exhibitions and Events?

XANA’s aim is to connect and inspire artists, collectors, patrons, venues, and art lovers by offering the most immersive and engaging virtual viewing experience for fine art possible.

Digital disruption and advances in Metaverse technologies have opened new opportunities for art galleries. Art dealers and investors can now buy art from the comfort of their homes, thanks to the ubiquity of online exhibitions. XANA Metaverse is embracing that trend to make the modern exhibitions and events experience more accessible. People with mobility issues or busy schedules can enjoy exhibitions from the comfort of their own homes. Metaverse is able to transport visitors to collections housed on the other side of the world, without ever having to set foot on an airplane, or waiting at an airport.


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XANA | Metaverse

XANA | Metaverse

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