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5 min readMay 11, 2023

NFTDuel — CryptoNinja — NFT Drop is divided into “Pre-Order” and “Minting“

NFTs that have been pre-ordered can be claimed (gas only) within a certain period of time after the start of the Main mint period. However, if you do not complete the claim within the specified period, you will not receive the NFT under any circumstances. Please understand this before participating in the pre-order sales.
Please note that only those who have the appropriate Allow List (hereinafter referred to as “AL”) for the “NFTDuel — CryptoNinja — NFT” are eligible to participate in the pre-Oder sale.
*PENPENZ NFT holders, gleam AL winners, MVP winners, staking (Cycle 4–12 AL winners), etc. who have an Allowlist are eligible.

The AL Sale is open exclusively to AL holders, while the Public Sale is open to everyone.

Please make sure to read the following “Precautions and Disclaimer” carefully before participating in the event.


How to confirm AL winners
05/11(Thu) 10:00~(UTC)
*Please connect your wallet to the Mint site to see if you have won AL and the maximum number of pre-orders available

05/11(Thu) 11:00~05/12(Fri) 11:00(UTC)
*The maximum purchase limit is 1 Pack (5NFT) per AL that can be minted, and if you have multiple ALs, that number will be added on (e.g., 3 AL can mint up to 3 Pack (15NFT).
*For those who have made a pre-order, you will be able to Claim your pre-order NFT after the start of Main mint, as shown below
*Purchase manual (EN: / JP:

AL Sale :05/12(Fri)11:00~05/12(Fri) 12:00(UTC)
Public Sale :05/12(Fri)12:00~05/13(Sat) 12:00(UTC)
Claims (for Pre-Orders):05/12(Fri) 11:00~05/19(Fri) 12:00(UTC)
*No Purchase Limit
*If all the stocks are sold out during the pre-order and Main mint, the sale will be closed at that time.
*Purchase manual(EN: JP:

Minting Detail

Mint Price
600 XETA / 1 Pack (5NFT)(Requires Additional Gas fee cost)
*The mint price is the same for Pre-Order and Main mint
*Eligible Purchase currency is XETA (XANA Chain) only
*Secondary distribution can be bought and sold on XANALIA after the sale is sold out or the public sale ends

Minting site
*The same URL for both Pre-order and Main mint

”NFTDuel — CryptoNinja — NFT” Official Collection
Coming soon

Precautions / Disclaimers

Reconfirming the Wallet
Please confirm in advance that you are using the winning wallet address you won on the Allow List.Please note that you will not be able to mint with any other wallet address.If you are not sure which address to use, please to check with support before the minting starts.

Recheck the balance in the wallet
Many people are charged with high gas prices and end up unable to make purchases, but the problem is that almost all of them don’t have a balance above the “mint price + “gas price” added to their account, and this is the reason for the error message.You must hold a sufficient balance in your wallet that covers the “mint price + gas cost”.(If you purchase more than one at a time, the gas cost will remain constant, but it is recommended that you hold approximately 30% more than the mint price because the gas cost fluctuates each time.)

Recheck if wallet connection is available on a PC and mobile
We recommend “desktop” for minting at the minting site. Please make sure that you can connect to the wallet before you participate.Also, in the case of mobile, we have seen many people who were unable to connect to the wallet for various reasons, such as device specs, not having the latest version of MetaMask or other apps, or not selecting the correct blockchain type.Check whether you can connect or not before participating in minting. If you are unable to connect, please understand that you will only be able to participate on the desktop.

Regarding changing your wallet address
Please understand that after the Allow List winners are announced, all wallet addresses at the time of application are registered in the system in advance, so it is not possible to change the wallet address at any time.

Handling and compensating the purchase after minting hours
We cannot take responsibility for connection issues during communication, so please understand.We will not be able to respond to any requests for time extension or NFT compensation due to failure to purchase within the minting time, for any reason whatsoever.We strongly recommend that you confirm the minting time in advance, and read the above precautions and notes carefully before minting starts.

Confirming the Reflection of Owned NFT
Please note that NFTs reflected in “Owned” may not be displayed immediately (~24 hours maximum), depending on the transaction processing.If it does not appear for a while, please check the blockchain information such as ““, and if you cannot confirm your purchase on the blockchain, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.

Customer Support
Make sure to read, review, and check the precautions and disclaimers listed above.
If you have any further inquiries or concerns, please contact us via support chat.

Other Disclaimer
・This NFT is not an investing or speculative product.
・Secondary distribution of NFTs happens due to supply and demand among users. As a result, please understand that there is a possibility that a transaction may not be completed or that the sale price may be less than the purchase price, and the purchase is at your own risk.
・Please note that the official website and the contents of official announcements are subject to change even after the announcement without prior notice. Also, NFTs with utilities that can be used in mobile apps may become unusable due to revised regulations of the Apple Store or Google Play.
・Please acknowledge in advance that refunds will not be available due to changes in usage or functions after purchase.
・Please note that in cases where NFT cannot be purchased due to system malfunction or other reasons, we will not be able to accept requests related to refunds or compensation under any circumstances.



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