Tachibana Shinnouke Metaverse Fan Meeting and NFT Drop Guide

Metaverse family, Thank you for all your entries.
We will conduct a drawing to select the winner and notify the winner via e-mail.

Winners will be able to purchase NFTs at XANALIA using their whitelisted wallet address or e-mail address.

Here is the purchase URL

March 22, until 12:00 Taiwan time: White pre-order sales end,
March 22, 19:00 Taiwan time: General sales start.

Please check this manual for purchase instructions (https://site.xanalia.com/)

Conditions of Participation

White List winners must complete their purchases by 15:00 Taiwan time on March 22. If not purchased in time, the right will be waived, and the unclaimed tickets will be allocated for general sales. General sales will begin at 19:00 Taiwan time on March 22 and remain open for purchase until 12:00 Taiwan time on March 24.

Please note that these NFTs serve as admission tickets. And it cannot be tradable until after the Event when the Special Rewards are distributed.

The purpose of this procedure is to prevent certain people from buying up tickets. For users who attend the fan meeting through a distribution service, it is necessary to identify the distribution service account of the purchaser linked to the NFT.

NFT Benefits

The NFTs will be randomly selected from 100 different patterns. After the Event, several voice messages by Shinnosuke Tachibana, which will be recorded on the day of the event, will be randomly assigned to each NFT, so no two NFTs will be the same, and you will have your own unique NFT.

The voice messages will be assigned within a week after the Event. No additional action is required from the purchaser, as all NFTs already owned by the purchaser will be automatically upgraded to the NFT with the voice message.

■How to Participate in Metaverse Events

We urge all purchasers to carefully read the following steps regarding the flow of participation in future events, no matter which method you purchased. This is a new endeavour and maybe a bit challenging, but rest assured that we will be there to help you.

Once you have purchased your NFT, please wait for the two smartphone apps to be uploaded to the store: the XANA Metaverse App and the XANALIA App.
The XANA Metaverse App will be used to become your avatar and go to the fan meeting venues in the Metaverse, and the XANALIA App will be needed to authenticate your NFT.

If you have created an account with XANALIA using your e-mail and credit card

XANALIA App is not required. Download the XANA Metaverse App, launch the app, and you will be asked how to log in. Select “Login” and log in using your XANALIA account information. By doing so, XANA Metaverse will be able to know what NFTs you have in XANALIA.

Please note that in the XANA and XANALIA databases, a user who registers with XANA or XANALIA through a wallet is not identified as the same user as a user who registers with XANA or XANALIA through e-mail, even if they are the same person. In other words, just because a registered Wallet user later registers an e-mail address for notification purposes does not mean that they can log in with that e-mail address in the future. If a user adds an e-mail address without knowing it and retrieves the password from the “forgot password” action, the user will not be able to log in with that e-mail address. Many users make this mistake.

If you purchased NFTs through a wallet in XANALIA

In many cases, you have purchased NFTs from XANALIA through Metamask.
The XANALIA App acts as a decentralized Web3 wallet.
Once the XANALIA App is available for download, you will be asked how to log in after downloading and opening the App.
Click on the “Login using existing address” button and enter the wallet address you used on XANALIA and your private key, and XANALIA App will function as your wallet. No XANA, XANALIA, or Noborderz staff, customer support, or community leaders will ever ask you for your private key. This will be similar to your bank password. Anyone impersonating support or staff and asking you for this information is a scam and should never be given out.

Because this App is decentralized, you can expect a high level of security and privacy. However, you are responsible for keeping your private key strictly private, as even the developers do not have access to your private key.

Next, launch the XANA Metaverse App, and you will be asked how to log in. You will be asked if you want to connect XANA and XANALIA, accept it, and complete your login. This is a one-time request and will no longer be necessary.

From here on, it is a sharing step for both users.

If you log in for the first time, you will start at the screen to select your avatar, so choose your avatar and select “Shinnosuke Tachibana Metaverse Meetup” from the many “worlds” on the home screen. If you have an Event Ticket NFT, you will be taken to the event location smoothly.

Be sure to test this step before the Event to make sure you can get into the venue smoothly. If you have any trouble getting into the Event despite carefully reading the above instructions and following them to the letter, please request support through XANA’s Discord support channel. Our staff will respond to your request in a friendly and personalized manner.

Streaming Viewing Outside the Metaverse

NFT ticket purchasers may also participate in the Fan Meetup through streaming services without using the Metaverse. The URL of the streaming service and viewing instructions will be sent by e-mail at least 3 days before the event starts.

Wallet purchasers are also encouraged to register their e-mail address for XANALIA notifications immediately from the XANALIA Settings page, as e-mails will be sent to actual NFT ticket purchasers, not to those on the white list.


(Taiwan Time)
3/21 01:00 Start of purchases by white ist registrants
3/22 15:00 Deadline for whitelist registrants to complete purchase
3/22 19:00 General sales start
3/22 12:00 Address input for distribution system will begin
3/24 12:00 General sales end
3/24 19:00 End of address input for distribution system
3/25 Time TBD E-mail for test viewing sent to prospective spectators
3/26 19:00 Individual response to test viewing results ends
3/27 19:00 Event begins

Please read the above carefully, and our staff will do our best to make this a new and enjoyable experience.

Please take advantage of the many community members who are available to help you in your language as well as our staff. However, as mentioned above, please be aware that all the people who send you DMs are fake staff members, even if they look like official staff members. Never give them any information. We will never DM you; it is safer to ask questions and get advice publicly, not by DM.

Discord Community
(https://discord.com/invite/XANA *Channels in various languages are also available)

Telegram Community
English (https://t.me/xana_english)
Japanese (https://t.me/xana_japanese)
Chinese (https://t.me/xana_chinese)
Korean (https://t.me/xana_korean)



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