ULTRAMAN NFT Sale | Whitelisted Winners Round1

Whitelisted users can purchase the hit Japanese Manga/Anime “ULTRAMAN” NFT on the XANALIA NFT Marketplace at 8 AM (UTC) 11th Feb.

Good Day, NFTDuelists!

The announcement that many have been waiting for is here, the winners of the ULTRAMAN NFT whitelist have been drawn! There was a bit of a wait, but your patience will be rewarded.

We have successfully checked all the submissions and completion of tasks. Now we are thrilled to announce our first whitelisted winners.

Drawing Result

We will send e-mail notifications to our first 100 lucky winners + 3 of giveaway mission complete users for ULTRAMAN NFTDUEL genesis card Round 1; Fire Element card until 23:59 (UTC) 4th Feb.

Additional Drawing & New Whitelist

As soon as round 1 sales end, we will start whitelisting people for Round 2. The massive amount of submissions for Round 1, is greatly appreciated and welcomed aboard as early adopters. We will draw 20% of submissions from the 1st round of Whitelist at each round.

Anyone who applied in round one can still apply to all preceding rounds even if they submitted an application for round 1. Make sure to apply to future rounds because it will only increase your odds of winning a chance at getting a ULTRAMAN NFT.

How to purchase ULTRAMAN NFTs on XANALIA?

Whitelisted users can follow the following steps to purchase ULTRAMAN NFTs from XANALIA on 11th Feb.

  1. Before we get started, you’ll need to top up your wallet with crypto on the XANALIA NFT Marketplace. If you are a non-crypto user you can also make a purchase through your credit card.
  2. Access XANALIA NFT Marketplace by clicking on the following link https://www.xanalia.com/, connect your Metamask wallet if you are a crypto user.
  3. Tap “Collections” from the left menu bar of your Home screen. This will redirect you to all types of collections, including the blindbox collection but you just need to select the desired collection of ULTRAMAN.
  4. If the user is whitelisted they will be able to purchase a Blindbox by clicking the “Buy” button. If you are not whitelisted it will show a text prompt that you have to be whitelisted.
  5. After purchasing from the Blindbox collection, and unboxing your Blindbox you will get a ULTRAMAN NFT. You can find, and access it under the owned tab.
  6. If you are a non-crypto user it will be the exact same steps as above, except you will need to use your credit card to make the purchase instead.
  7. Once the transaction is completed your unboxed NFT popup will appear on the screen to let you know that you have received a ULTRAMAN NFT.

*You Should be whitelisted first to be able to purchase ULTRAMAN First Round NFTs.

Privilege for Genesis NFT owners

Known for its highly anticipated breakthrough blockchain economic model with Play-to-Earn and GameFi features, NFTDUEL’s ULTRAMAN genesis cards are bringing the ultimate power with its upcoming public sale.

  • Access to exclusive events in the metaverse
  • VIP community participation rights
  • Early access to the game
  • Play-to-Earn reward ultra boost
  • GameFi Ready NFT card
  • Access to participate in final adjustments of the alpha release of the game


Genesis card owners will also get Alpha passes, which will provide them with exclusive features and early access to the XANA Metaverse’s Alpha version. This article highlights all the benefits you get as an Alpha pass holder on the XANA metaverse. Additionally, we will release another article, which will discuss everything you can do on XANA metaverse’s Alpha version.

XANA is the metaverse where NFTDuel will be fully integrated, and act as the digital world’s first game with a GameFi ecosystem. Being on the XANA metaverse also makes NFTDuel a first mover in terms of bringing gaming onto the metaverse.


We are finalising NFTDUEL Alpha for early test play & feedback sessions for Genesis card owners to attend. We will send you the download link of the App with the article on how to use your genesis NFT as an access pass.

Don’t worry if you have only 1 or 2 genesis cards, because we will provide a full test card deck for those who want to participate in early testing.


Genesis card owners will have VIP access for all upcoming ULTRAMAN NFT series released by XANA/XANALIA. This will be applied to new series of NFTs such as the upcoming avatar NFT, etc. We will also draw a few extra VIP drawings from Genesis card owners to submit a whitelisting of Next genesis NFT. (This will be limited just for few seats to be fair enough for all other users as well)

The characters you get from the ULTRAMAN genesis, including their utilities, will make your online gaming, and digital world experience a lot more thrilling. This journey has just started, stay tuned for all upcoming announcements!

Important Reminder

NFTDuel, XANA, and XANALIA never ask for your private keys via E-mail, Telegram or social media. If you ever receive any messages about ULTRAMAN NFT, and you are asked for a private key or any critical information, it’s most likely a scam, so you should report them.

  1. Never give anyone your private key
  2. Make sure you make your purchase from XANALIA.COM
  3. We never ask you to purchase outside of XANALIA.COM

Please be aware and protect yourself from scams as we cannot be held responsible if you get scammed.


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