ULTRAMAN — The Hit Japanese Anime Coming to XANA

The ULTRAMAN NFT will soon be integrated with the XANA metaverse, with different variations available as different utilities.

With a history of more than 50 years, ULTRAMAN is a hit Japanese manga series that also enjoys recognition in the western world. Developed by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi and published by HERO’s Inc., ULTRAMAN reached new heights of fame with the Netflix series that came out in 2019.

The series was viewed in over 192 countries and became one of the most-watched Japanese anime on Netflix. The second season will be released in a few months, while the first has already been translated into 11 languages. Partnering with HERO’s Inc, NOBORDER.z is set to launch the ULTRAMAN NFT pack on XANALIA. This NFT pack will be a one-of-a-kind collection that will feature your favourite characters from the series, and best of all these NFTs will be fully integrated on the XANA metaverse.

NFTs Becoming More Mainstream

It isn’t an exaggeration to call 2021 the year of NFTs, but in 2022, their value and importance have drastically increased due to their integration on the metaverse. NFTs play an integral role in the virtual world as they make proving and transferring ownership of digital assets a lot easier than any traditional method.

NFTs make digital assets on metaverses and games worthwhile purchases because they give them access to a lot of liquidity by tokenizing them. Once a digital asset is tokenized it can easily be listed on blockchain-based exchanges and marketplaces.

Metaverses can add immense value to NFTs as well. NFTs can represent almost any digital asset, and even many physical assets, but most NFTs tend to represent digital art that can really only be used as a profile picture. Metaverses create a lot of use cases for NFTs by allowing people to actually utilize their digital assets within a virtual world filled with people.


The ULTRAMAN NFTs available on XANALIA, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, can be used in the trading card game NFTDUEL, the first-ever GameFi experience on XANA. You can also use your favourite characters as avatars in the metaverse. This long-awaited NFT project is planned to cover a wide range of aspects in the metaverse — from trading cards to avatars.

The first edition of the NFTs will be available as genesis cards released in different stages. They are expected to be launched between January and March 2022 at an estimated price of 0.8 ETH. 100 out of 2100 cards will be distributed for promotions and campaigns. Each NFT will contain a limited edition 3D animated card that will provide notable in-game rewards.

Special offers and benefits that will come with these cards include:

  • Priority booking for subsequent NFTs
  • Exclusive access to events in XANA
  • Early access to the game
  • VIP participation rights in the community

Each card comes with a rarity that will determine its cost. The higher the rarity, the higher will be the cost. The character cards will have game-changing abilities, and each card represents one of the five elements (fire, water, metal, earth, tree). Standard edition support cards, soon available on the marketplace, will help the player devise a unique strategy in NFT Duel.

2.ULTRAMAN NFTs in the XANA Metaverse

The ULTRAMAN NFTs are coming to the XANA metaverse. People will be able to bring their Ultraman NFTs to the XANA metaverse and wear them as skin for their metaverse Avatars. Avatars in the XANA metaverse will be 3D humanoid models that will represent your character in the virtual world, and everyone else in the metaverse will be able to see it.

Whenever someone on the XANA metaverse equips the ULTRAMAN skin, their avatar will transform into the ULTRAMAN superhero. Skins, and all other Wearables assets in XANA will have a lot of attention to detail to make sure they look very realistic, and distinctive. This means wearing any ULTRAMAN NFT in the XANA metaverse will make your Avatar look exactly like ULTRAMAN, and different variations of the ULTRAMAN NFT will actually have a different appearance on your avatars.

3. XANALIA — Official Marketplace for ULTRAMAN NFT

The ULTRAMAN NFT sale will take place on XANALIA, which is the ULTRAMAN NFT’s official listing, and launch marketplace. Multiple cryptocurrencies can be used to make purchases on XANALIA, including Ethereum, USDT, BNB, BUSD, Matic, and many more. XANALIA also accepts Credit card payments, which is great for people unfamiliar with crypto assets and blockchains. Additionally, XANALIA is compatible with multiple chains, Currently, users have a choice of Ethereum network, Binance smart chain and Polygon.

XANALIA is XANA’s NFT marketplace, so purchasing the ULTRAMAN NFTs, or any other NFTs there is great because you can seamlessly upload them from XANALIA to XANA. As mentioned earlier, XANA is the metaverse where you can wear the ULTRAMAN NFT, and turn your metaverse Avatar, or character into a superhero.

4. An Exciting Future Awaits You

The ULTRAMAN title will be released on XANALIA, The first NFT is the ULTRAMAN NFTDUEL card which users can bring over to NFTDUEL. NFTDUEL is an NFT based card game where you assemble a deck of cards using NFTs, and duel other players.

The second NFT will be planned to be Metaverse Avatar NFT. Once you have acquired Avatar NFT, you can seamlessly connect your wallet onto the XANA metaverse, and equip it to become a superhero in a virtual world filled with people.

With ULTRAMAN’s second season just around the corner and the big NFT drops, the phenomenon will catch global attention. Become a part of the craze and immerse in the next-gen metaverse as it is indeed the future. Stay tuned as more updates will be shared soon on our official website and Twitter account.


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