Weekly Development Update | 17 June — 23 June

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5 min readJun 27, 2023


Weekly Summary

XANA Breaks New Ground!

Each week we think this is good. And the next week, we realize we can do even better. Our Development team works hard to exceed expectations and deliver updates that are simply amazing.

XANA App is growing at an ever faster pace than before — showing our team’s dedication.

Let’s see how each project has fared in the last week.


Our NFT marketplace is undergoing a metamorphosis. This means our team must work extra hard to meet our users’ heightened expectations.


NFT Sales Display Issue
We’ve resolved the issues for ERC 1155 where your on-sale NFTs weren’t displayed as such. Now your on-sale NFTs will show the status unless they’re sold, or you cancel the sale.

Transaction History
Some of our users had issues with the NFT transaction history on ERC 1155. The issue has been resolved, so they’ll get the updated, correct transaction history.

In Progress

Continued Investigation
Some wallets didn’t reflect transactions, while other users got incorrect data on ERC 721. All of these issues are under investigation. Soon our team will find the solution.

Connect from Mobile
We are investigating and implementing a solution to the problem of difficulty connecting from iOS.

Game — NFTDuel

The game you wanna play if you’re a fan of IPs like Ultraman, Astroboy, CryptoNinja, and many more. Now the game that pioneered GameFi at XANA is bringing some new slick features.


Duel with FUEL
For the final test league, we implemented the consumption and acquisition of FUEL for each Duel.

In Progress

Attack Sequence
The timer is now stopped so that a series of attacks, including abilities, do not consume the user’s thinking and operating time.

Stat Icon
The display of status icons has been implemented so that the status of cards that are in favorable or unfavorable conditions can be identified.

League Implementation
Leagues are where real players go to test their mettle. We’re improving NFTDuel leagues for our players who want thrilling duels and their names on the top of leaderboards — along with exciting prizes.

  • On-Chain League
    To participate in on-chain leagues, you’ll need to own NFT cards. This will make for more intense duels.
  • Automatic changeover to the next season
    The backend will start a new league after 2 hours of the previous league. During the gap, winners of the preceding league will be announced and commemorated.

Participate in leagues and win $FUEL. We’re working on the distribution and Burn process for Final Test League.

Game Optimization
Currently optimizing the overall gameplay for a smoother experience that leaves you satisfied.

Default Volume
Some of us are more sensitive to sound. A 100% volume at the start of a duel can be distracting, to say
the least. We’ll set the volume to 50% by default to minimize distractions. You can adjust it during the duel or in your game setting.

NFT Projects

XANA: Genesis

In Progress

  • Voice & Emotion
    If you’ve won the Voice and Emotion plugins for XANA: Genesis, this update is for you. We’re improving the experience and syncing voice with emotions for more natural, human-like interactions.

CryptoNinja Cards

In Progress

CryptoNinja cards are a part of the NFTDuel game. With the latest update, these cards will be firmly integrated with the game, allowing for a seamless experience.


It all started with this app. XANA App is still the best way to experience XANA Metaverse. This app continues its positive trajectory with each update.


Color Matching
With the latest update, we’ve matched the actual avatar and the preview image for a unified experience. If your avatar’s eye has a certain hue in the image, it’ll be perfectly reflected on the 3D avatar.

New Pop-Up
If one tries to access a specific NFT’s utilities they don’t own, they’ll get a pop-up: You don’t have the ownership of this item anymore, so it cannot be equipped.

Bug Fixes
As usual, we’ve fixed several bugs and are continually working to deliver a flawless experience.

Desktop Version
Improving XANA’s Desktop version so our users get the same experience on bigger displays and have even more fun.

XANA Builder

Let your creativity out with the improved XANA Builder. We’re adding functionalities in a way that’s clutter-free and allows for a simplified creative process. All so you can focus on creating rather than learning different tools.

In Progress

Polygon Count
You’ve built a great World. You want everyone to see it. Not everyone will be using the top-tier devices. You must remember that when deploying your World on XANA. With our Poly-Count feature, you’ll be able to easily check if your World is compatible with most devices or not.

Upload Media
Metaverse is a new form of entertainment. You feel like you’re in the space and are experiencing it without obstacles. XANA is taking that up a notch with the “Upload Media” feature. You can upload Videos and Static images to Worlds and let everyone see them. YouTube videos (with proper URLs) will also be playable on said screens for a cinematic experience in the Metaverse.

Blind Function
Once you touch an object with Blind Function on, the whole screen will go black for a certain amount of time. It’s pretty intriguing how our creators will use this feature to add a layer of suspense and thriller to their games.

Artificial Intelligence

XANA is more than a metaverse project; our AI capabilities reflect that. We’re moving briskly and applying the latest AI technology to various areas, improving organizational and development workflows.



We believe in Show, Don’t Tell. That’s why we’ve added XANA GPT Chatbot to the official XANA GPT website. The AI engine is trained with specific data, responding to all queries correctly. This implementation shows our AI Chatbot’s capabilities and reflects our AI team’s efforts.

Twitch Languages
After huge demand from our community, we’ve added two new languages, Korean and Chinese, to Twitch streams. This addition will help us reach a more diverse audience on Twitch.

Genesis Voice
Having an AI partner who speaks is good. But if that AI partner has a voice you like, that’s a plus. We had that in mind when adding new voices to Genesis. Now XANA: Genesis has 4 English and 1 Japanese voice to select from.

In Progress

AI x XANA Builder
The AI team is working closely with the XANA Builder team. This collaboration will result in AI-generated assets that users can deploy on their World. No need to spend hours grinding; users will soon create different elements through simple prompts.

2D Images to 3D Objects
Builder and AI teams are working closely to develop a method through which 2D images can be converted to 3D objects. This will revolutionize how users approach XANA Builder.

Motion Capture
The AI team is helping capture body and facial data. This will allow for a smoother translation of the captured data onto 3D avatars.


XANA is community-driven, with our primary goal being our users’ satisfaction. We’re working on several projects, each differing from one another but converging at a single point, i.e., XANA.

This week was busy with so many updates and much to discuss.

We hope to see you next week with more updates and better experiences.

Till then, take care



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