XANA Continues Collaboration with HERO’s Co. Ltd. for the ROOSTER FIGHTER NFT

The famous Japanese manga “Rooster Fighter” makes its way to XANA as a metaverse-compatible avatar.

XANA is operating on an Ethereum layer 2 chain called the XANA blockchain, which allows the XANA metaverse to provide gas-free infrastructure to users and creators. It comes with premium features and supports a user-friendly interface.

XANA supports NFTs as wearable digital assets, Avatars (3D humanoid models), virtual land that users can customize, virtual events, and GameFi infrastructure. XANA provides the users with an experience that allows them to immerse themselves in an entire decentralized virtual world filled with huge thriving decentralized ecosystems. It has collaborated with various IPs and famous brands such as ULTRAMAN, and the latest one to join the bandwagon is the famous Manga character “Rooster Fighter”.

Rooster Fighter — The Famous Japanese Manga

A Manga work by Shu Sakuratani, Rooster Fighter, is a rooster battle action where a chicken becomes the hero by saving the human race. The comic’s main character is a chicken who loves women and really likes sea urchins. His signature move is a kick called “kokekokko”, which is so effective that it instantly knocks down the enemy.

The story starts when a demonic creature called “Kiju” starts attacking humanity and possesses an overwhelming power. He destroyed many lives, and people dwelled in despair. In the darkest of times, when everyone gave up, it was a single chicken who came as a ray of hope and saved humanity from its downfall.

The comic has fans from Japan and the rest of the world because of its powerful illustrations and intense depiction of emotions like humour and tragedy. Within just the first few hours of the series featuring its “Episode 1: Beast Jucho-San”, more than 100,000 users from Central and South America, the United States, the Philippines, and other countries visited the Komipre Manga Theater, a web-based comic distribution medium.

Because of these comics, Shu Sakuratani has become a popular writer across Japan and even has tons of fans across the world. Even before the release of the first volume in Japan, due to popular demand, the comic had been translated overseas into 9 languages in about 35 countries.

The Rooster Fighter NFT Project

After ULTRAMAN, Rooster Fighter is the second collaboration between NOBORDER.z and HERO’s Co. Ltd. Both companies are working together to bring major Japanese Anime and Manga characters to the global NFT market. NOBORDER.z and HERO’s are excited to be the pioneers who introduce popular mainstream Japanese Anime and Manga characters to the virtual world.

The Rooster Fighter Project will be a “generative NFT” that will automatically generate 10,000 unique Rooster Fighter NFT art from a combination of over 1 million types of chicken parts. This will provide NFT collectors with a huge variety of individual NFTs. The Chicken Fighters will carry the unique sense of humour, and meme quality that Shu Sakuraya possesses.

The Chicken Fighter NFTs will be available on the XANA metaverse’s NFT marketplace XANALIA. Any of these Rooster Fighter NFTs bought on XANALIA can be seamlessly ported over to the XANA Metaverse, and be used as a skin on your Avatars (3D virtual humanoid models). This exciting feature will allow fans to wear their Chicken Fighter NFT on their Avatar/character in the metaverse, and display it to everyone else wherever they go in the virtual world.

XANA metaverse will be introducing new worlds for upcoming exciting collaborative projects. Users who own the avatar skins can access the world and enjoy unique experiences within the metaverse.

A Promising Future Awaits Ahead

XANA provides a one-of-a-kind virtual world that supports NFTs as wearable digital assets for Avatars, digital land ownership, customizing digital land, holding events on digital land, Play-to-Earn and Create-to-Earn ecosystems. All of XANA’s features combined with its virtual economy will create a virtual world with immersion and realism like never before seen.

Popular Mangas, Animes, and Brands are collaborating with XANA because they want to be a part of the virtual world that will shape the future. ULTRAMAN and Rooster Fighter is only the first of many mainstream NFTs that will be listed on XANALIA, XANA’s NFT marketplace. All of these mainstream NFTs can be ported over to the XANA metaverse for some exciting use cases in the virtual world.


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