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If the highlight of the last century was the internet, the 21st century might have its most notable development in the form of the metaverse. Compared to the internet, the metaverse promises to be far more interactive, immersive, and collaborative. It is believed that the metaverse will soon become an $800 billion market, owing to the involvement of big names in the tech industry such as Facebook and Microsoft.

With two years of consistent effort, NOBORDER.z is ready to launch the XANA Metaverse, equipped with superior technology and advanced features. More than 100 team members from 15 countries have worked hard to create XANA, which guarantees a superior metaverse experience to its users. Apart from play-to-earn (P2E) features, it also comes with a unique create-to-earn system that lets artists monetize their work on the metaverse.

Age of the Metaverse

Things have changed around the world after the pandemic. The activities of artists are not limited to live performances, and the next place for them to be is in the virtual space. Marshmello held a virtual concert in Fortnite with nearly 11 million people live-streaming the event. Later, the rapper Travis Scott also ventured into the virtual concert space, which was also a massive success.

The hybrid events will bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual world. However, a huge issue with live streaming performances is that they give neither the performer nor the attendees the feeling of presence. This is where the metaverse comes in! Through the latest technologies and AR/VR integration on an actual functional virtual world, people can get the feeling of attending a real concert. At the same time, the artist can experience the same level of exhilarating energy.

Virtual Live Show on XANA

Any artist who joins XANA will get their exclusive avatar, a virtual 3D humanoid model in the XANA metaverse. This avatar will be the artist’s identity and let him move around the metaverse to interact with his fans in the virtual world.

For instance, Girl’s Idol may join XANA in the near future and have their avatar in the metaverse. They may also own a house on XANA’s virtual land. One possibility is that the fans might visit their favorite star’s virtual house and interact with their avatar. From taking a selfie to having conversations, the fans can create memorable experiences in the virtual world.

Artists will also have the option of combined live video streaming with XANA. The live space created within XANA will have a virtual stage and a huge virtual LED screen behind it so that the artists can play a pre-recorded video or live stream their performance from their device. Users will be able to visit that virtual venue in the metaverse while the artist streams that video.

This will be a very unique and exciting experience because now, instead of watching your favorite content creator on your phone or desktop, you get to be there with them on the metaverse. Additionally, XANA will let you be in that virtual event with all your friends or other event-goers as metaverse avatars.

Ways to Generate Revenue for Artists

There are multiple ways to earn an income for artists on XANA. Whenever an artist holds an event in the metaverse, he can sell the event tickets to earn money. These tickets will be in the form of NFTs, which gives them real-world value because they can be traded on the XANA blockchain or even transferred over to other blockchains.

Artists may also generate different passes for the fans, providing a unique experience with each pass. While a normal pass may let you enter the venue and watch the live show, a VIP pass may also allow you to visit the artist’s house within the metaverse. The value of the experience will depend on the value of the pass, thus allowing the artist to price these tickets or NFTs accordingly.

The artists can utilize the mystery box or the blind box feature available on XANALIA, XANA’s NFT marketplace. The blind box feature allows content creators to use an element of surprise to make things more exciting for their fans. The mystery box may enable the fans to get their hands on the VIP ticket at the price of a regular pass, giving them a huge treat.

Besides event ticket sales, artists can also sell their music, exclusive pictures/graphic designs, or videos in the form of NFTs to their avid fans and generate another stream of income. XANA also provides artists an opportunity to hold monetizable private video sessions.

The Bottom Line

The metaverse is going to alter our virtual experiences. It is not just limited to gaming but allows people to live their lives however they want within the virtual world. XANA will provide content creators with the opportunity and a strong platform to reach their fans, which will allow them to earn an income on the metaverse in multiple ways. XANA will help content creators potentially turn content creation into their full-time job and primary source of income.

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XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains.

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XANA | Metaverse

XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains.