XANA Private Sale Whitelist and the Alpha Pass NFTs are Now Available

This month a lot of big things are going to be happening at XANA. Starting this month off XANA has created a program to select candidates to whitelist for XANA’s token ($XETA) private sale. Additionally, XANA will also be launching the metaverse’s Alpha version and releasing exclusive Alpha access pass NFTs alongside the launch.

The Alpha access pass NFTs will have a lot of beneficial features to offer to anyone who ports it over to the XANA metaverse. The best part about this program is that the candidate selection for the Alpha access pass and presale whitelist selection will be done at the same time using a very similar set of rules.

The program for selecting candidates for private sale whitelisting, and Alpha access pass will be ongoing until XANA has its token generation event (TGE). Also, make sure to stay tuned, because more details on the Alpha launch itself will be released shortly as well.

Presale Whitelist is Open

The XANA metaverse’s native token will be having a private sale for XANA’s community members. Community members will be selected based on how engaged they are and entered into a whitelist for XANA’s presale.

Community members who are selected to be whitelisted for XANA’s presale will be given an allocation of $100. Every month XANA will select the top 100 community members to be whitelisted for the token presale.

This will be the first private sale selection round, and more will happen on a monthly basis until the TGE occurs.

What is Alpha Pass

The XANA metaverse’s Alpha Pass will provide users with the opportunity to be the forerunners in experiencing avatar customization, social interaction, exploration, and trying out many activities/games in the XANA metaverse. For the first round, 300 Alpha Pass NFTs will be minted and distributed. These Alpha passes will provide their holders with exclusive access to try many unique functions — these functions will be in addition to any regular function that other people get because Alpha pass NFT holders get to try them first.

Each pass will come with a serial number so that the people possessing them can prove that they have the right to early access to all the features. The Alpha pass users can enjoy access to SNS functions and customize their avatar however they want. The alpha pass will be free, and the top 300 community members will be given Alpha pass NFTs.

Keep in mind if you want to access all the special perks, and privileges the Alpha pass provides on the XANA metaverse you will need to have the Alpha pass NFT in your wallet. Also, this will be the first round of Alpha Pass NFT distribution, and there will be more on a monthly basis until the TGE happens.

How is it Different for Free Users?

Specific NFTs that will be released by XANA & XANALIA will have mostly the same function as Alpha pass.

Not only listed below but there will also be continuous upgrades and add new features. And Alpha pass users will be the first to access them while it will eventually be unlocked to all users.

How Does it Work

The rules to be selected for XANA’s presale whitelist, and Alpha access pass NFT distribution event is very simple. Community members who are regularly, and actively engaging on or with XANA’s official channels will be selected. These official channels include XANA’s official Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. As for Twitter, it’s recommended that people also make tweets associated with XANA on their own profiles.

People who spam in these community channels, or constantly discuss unrelated subjects will be penalized or disqualified. The ideal candidate for both the presale, and Alpha pass NFT selection will actively engage with all of XANA’s official channels.

At the end of every month, each round of selection will come to an end, and the 100 most engaged community members will be selected for the whitelist. Additionally Alpha pass NFTs will be distributed to 300 of the most engaged community members. In case you didn’t make it to the first round, you still have a chance to win in one of the future rounds, so stay tuned, and get engaged.

How to submit

✅ Fill out the form

✅ Need to engage actively, and regularly on XANA’s official Telegram, Discord and Twitter

✅ Spamming, and making unrelated discussions will be penalized or even disqualified

✅ Must engage with all three official channels

✅ 1st round leaderboard will start from 5th February 0:00 (UTC) until 28th February 23:59 (UTC)

✅ At the beginning of every round, the leaderboard of each SNS will be refreshed.

✅ We will snapshot the current leaderboard of discord before starting round1 to give an extra point (half point) to add to round 1 leaderboard for the current leaderboard top 300, to reward early contributors. This exceptional rule will be only applied once at round 1.


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