XANA Weekly Development Update | 10 June — 16 June

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5 min readJun 20, 2023


XANA Weekly Update

With a clear goal in sight, XANA pushes forward.

This week we have big updates for you. XANA NFT has added new and exciting functionalities. NFTDuel has become even more visceral and entertaining. XANA App has new animations for you to try. XANA Web has become more user-friendly. There’s way more to explore.

Let’s begin.


The premier NFT marketplace, made for maximum efficiency, is adding new functionalities and being updated for a satisfying user experience.

In Progress

LAND Thumbnails

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve added thumbnails on LAND Map for each LAND NFT. This allows for easy recognition and more interest by visitors.

Discord Role

NFT owners will be awarded roles in the Discord server — based on the number of NFTs they own and other factors.

Fixed Reflection Time

Reflection time for the following has been reduced to a minimum.

  • Owned Tab after Creating NFTs.
  • Owned Tab after Purchasing NFTs
  • Transferring or purchasing NFTs.
  • Meta Image reflection time and price editing time are also reduced.

Data Correction

Wallets that faced issues like transactions not getting reflected or other data issues have been investigated.

Game — NFTDuel

If you like card games and want to play an action-packed, NFT-based card game with popular IPs, NFTDuel is the game for you. We’re constantly updating.

In Progress

The following updates will soon be added to the game.


Once the attack flow starts, the timer will stop and will remain stopped until the flow is completed.

On-chain League

You’ll need NFTs (cards) in your Owned tab to participate.


Fuel Distribution and Burn are optimized for a user-friendly experience.

Game Optimization

Fewer lags, better performance, and more impact after each hit.

League Implementation

LP Restoration

Each player is given a certain LP at the beginning of a league. Once the league ends, the base LP will be automatically restored.

League Changes

Once you’ve entered a league, you cannot change. You need to finish it first.

NFT Projects

We’re working on a bunch of NFT projects simultaneously. Let us share how each NFT project has fared in the last week.

XANA: Genesis

Personalize XANA: Genesis

XANA: Genesis is your AI partner. And now you can personalize different traits like Age, Personality, Occupation, etc., for an overall better experience.

Voice Selection

You’ll choose the voice of your AI partner. Select from a set of available voices –4 English, 1 Japanese.


A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve added thumbnails on LAND Map for each LAND NFT. This allows for easy recognition and more interest by visitors.

Rooster Fighterz

Rooster NFTs have been bridged from all chains to XANAChain 721, allowing owners to participate in the XANA ecosystem and the Rooster Fighterz game.


XANA App takes center stage in our ecosystem. We add regular updates to it and improve the user experience with each step we take.

Implemented Updates

This week, the following updates have been implemented.

New Animations

A total of 9 new animations, like Crouching and Lying Down, have been added. Lag time has also been eliminated for these animations for a seamless experience.

Hair Color

When you and another user with the same hairstyle enter the metaverse simultaneously, you two will have different hair to ensure individuality.


For a clutter-free experience, the mini-map will be off by default.

In Progress

The XANA development team is working on many updates in parallel. These will be implemented soon.

NFT Upload

Enable the host to upload NFTs at the NFT Exhibition Event.

Avatar Type

Allow the host to select the avatar type when creating an event.

Color Fixes

Different NFT image and avatar color fixes.

Owned Assets

Transferred NFTs list in Owned Assets.

Game Components

Sync game components to the XANA app.

XANA Lobby

Ability to create a XANA Lobby.

New Flow

New flow for Registration and Guest login.

UI Improvements

Improved UI of world detail screen.


Delivering a user experience that’s not only simple but effective. XANA Web is rapidly adding various modules that cover the XANA journey comprehensively.

Joining Worlds

We’ve specified how you can join worlds from your PC or Mobile.

Play Videos

Added 6 venues with dedicated screens to play pre-recorded and YouTube videos.

Updating Display

The icons and events’ display order has been updated.

Genesis Chat

The UI and icons for Genesis Chat have been updated

Event Length

Now events will last for 24 hours.

LAND Section

A dedicated LAND section has been installed.

XANA Builder

XANA Builder allows our users to express their creativity. That’s why we update it regularly to meet their expectations.

Gamification Modules

A total of 9 Gamification Modules have been updated and added to XANA Builder.

Transform Function

Scale an object based on user preferences and return it to its original size.
Rotate the components of an object.
Move an object back and forth using two offsets and then return it to its original position.

Hyperlink Popup

You can set hyperlinks to components, which will pop up when triggered.

Adding Force

Apply forward force to an object.

Info Popup

Press the button to display a help window with information about the operation method and rules.


Create a function to judge answers in a quiz. Enter the correct answer, clear it, and indicate a mistake.


Move the warp points installed in the World.


Demonstrate the same effect as touching by throwing things. When a collectible item is set, it disappears.

Appearance Change

When obtaining a specific object, the avatar’s appearance changes for a certain period of time.


Set music and background music (BGM) in the game. Get a sound effect when touching an avatar or object.

LAND Identification

If you want to publish your World to XANA App, you must have your LAND NFT locked and staked.

Bug Fixes

Fixed several bugs to enhance the overall creative experience.

1st Person Viewpoint Shortcut

Resolved an issue with the 1st person viewpoint shortcut in the test play mode. Users can now easily switch between different viewpoints.

Non-Functional Game Components

Fixed game components that were not functioning properly with specific assets.

Minor Bugs

Fixed approximately 30 other minor bugs.

Artificial Intelligence

Text to XANA Builder

Use AI to generate Worlds in XANA.

Currently, we’re collecting relevant data, which we’ll use to train AI and get multiple assets from a single prompt.

Real-time Video Capture

Real footage will be recreated in XANA.
From facial expressions to movements, AI will mimic what you provide in real video and project it on XANA avatars.


XANA is operating like a well-oiled machine and delivering projects with finesse. We hope to continue this pace and keep up the quality.

We appreciate every XANA DAO member who supports us and encourages us to do more.
See you next week with more dev updates.



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