XANA Weekly Development Update | 26 May — 1 June

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3 min readJun 4, 2023


XANA Weekly Summary

Welcome to the weekly update.

We’re committed to transparency and keeping our community up-to-date with every project we undertake. In this week’s update, we’ll discuss major technical achievements.

Let’s break them down below.


XANA NFT Gets Smarter

XANA NFT keeps up the pace and adds a bunch of updates to its list.

If we talk about XANA NFT as a whole, a number of user queries have been addressed, including Owned reflection issues on ERC 1155.

2. NFTDuel

Adding Flares to NFTDuel

NFTDuel has become the flagship Web3.0 Gaming project at XANA. To meet our community’s high standards, we keep adding new functionalities.

  • Added CryptoNinja cards.
  • Added Astroboy Okayama cards.
  • Players can now create decks with their own cards and play Duel.
  • Genesis Cards (Ultraman Genesis, Astroboy Tottori Genesis)implementation.
  • Live Streaming feature. (Live Streaming is currently available on the Team side.)

In addition to these functionalities, bugs pointed out by the community have also been fixed.

  • Stuck matching screen
  • No-Internet popup (after the duel is over)

3. NFT Projects


CryptoNinja NFTs have been added to NFTDuel — along with their abilities. You can start dueling today and make an impact on the leaderboard.

XANA: Genesis

XANA: Genesis migration to the new contract will strengthen the XANA ecosystem by allowing for royalties to be earned by buying and selling in the marketplace. In addition, the up-gradable contract allows for future feature additions. Anti-theft features have also been enhanced, allowing users to enable/disable two-factor authentication with XANA NFT.

XANA: Land

Land NFT Identification.

Now only those who own Land can deploy Worlds via XANA Builder. Certain conditions have to be met before the World is made Live on the XANA App. These conditions include Locking and Staking the Land NFT.

4. XANA App

A unified experience is what XANA aspires to. We’re fixing every small issue that the XANA community faces.

Some of the major fixes include:

  • The visible hair color was different for users. We’ve fixed it so the actual color is visible across the metaverse.
  • Now, users can play YouTube Videos in 6 designated Worlds with proper screens.
  • Posted Videos and Pictures appearing in the My Post, Hot, and New sections.
  • Aerial camera animation fixes for users to view their surroundings in a new way.
  • Create an event in XANA.net and redirect to the XANA App from the web to enjoy that event.

5. XANA Web

XANA: Festival 4.0 has been held to an astounding response.

  • UI/UX changes to make the overall event more immersive.
  • Feedback is incorporated for a bug-free event.
  • Community-focused approach: Used Standard Japanese text.

6. XANA Builder

Adding Components to XANA Builder.

XANA Builder keeps adding modules that make it easier for our community to dig deep into their creative sides and build something truly magnificent.

We’re improving these components for a better user experience:

  • Narration
  • Time Limit
  • Countdown
  • Random Number
  • Elapsed time
  • Transport
  • Transform (Rotation added as combined Component)
  • Transform (To and Fro Motion added as combined Component)
  • Hyperlink popup
  • Display Message
  • Turn Off Light
  • Adding Force

XANA, as a brand, is moving forward at a great pace. Each technical achievement is aimed at improving the experience and offering something unique that our community would enjoy.

We thank you all for your continuous support and trust. And hope to keep the momentum going!

Stay tuned for the next update!



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