XANA Weekly Report 11: May 29 — June 6

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5 min readJun 7, 2022

Business Development

XANA XETA Token DAO Round Sale with DAO Maker

The XANA XETA Token DAO Round Sale is now over on DAO Maker. This is the first round of DAO sales for the XANA XETA token. SHO winners of the DAO Round sale have been announced by the XANA x The DAO Maker. Over 3648 participants joined this round with 31.4 million $DAO (≒ 66m USD) Staked in total. Moreover, 2576 lucky winners will get their $XETA allocations very soon.

XANA XETA Token Public SHO with DAO Maker

The public SHO of the $XETA token has been announced by the XANA team. The first round of the private DAO round sale has ended. The DAO Maker community is organizing the public SHO of the XETA token.

XANA Hosts Action Sports NFT Competition with Japan’s Largest Companies

XANA team has announced the Action sports NFT competition for the global community to participate and win exciting rewards. XANA is hosting this award with Japan’s largest ad agencies Dentsu and the largest action sports media Zeta. The submissions are still ongoing at XANALIA (link), the official NFT marketplace of XANA. The winners of the award will get a chance to win XANA Genesis NFT, XANA land in the Metaverse and promotional support for the NFT.

New Influencers on Boarding to XANA

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, it’s important that we continue to bring on new influencers who share our values. XANA is now welcoming new influencers to the XANA Metaverse. These influencers have been selected by XANA and will be given the opportunity to create their own unique virtual spaces on the XANA network, where they can share their content with others.

XANA CEO AMA with Expert Kripto

XANA CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo has joined the AMA hosted by Expert Kripto to answer all the queries of the community related to the XANA Metaverse and its gaming economy. The AMA was organized in the Telegram group of Expert Kripto on 31 May. XANA CEO awarded the best questions with $200. This AMA session was a hit and witnessed enormous participation.

XANA AMA with CryptoDaku

Last week, XANA hosted an AMA with CryptoDaku on the official Telegram server of CryptoDaku. The XANA CEO has answered all the questions related to the $XETA token IDO, collaboration with The DAO Maker, and many other queries. XANA team announced the prize money of $500 for the best live questions in the Telegram channel.

Content Development

Winners of Hiroko Koshino Whitelist Announced

XANA team has announced the winners of the Hiroko Koshino whitelist campaign. These wearable NFTs will give a unique look to the XANA Avatars. The NFTs are the first-ever digital fashion NFTs by the best designers from multiple global major fashion weeks. The NFTs will soon be distributed to the whitelist winners for minting.

Action Sports NFT Competition Ongoing

XANA has announced that it is hosting the first-ever Action Sports NFT Competition with Japan’s largest companies. The competition brings together the world’s best athletes and artists to create NFTs that showcase their talents and skills. The competition winners will get a chance to win exclusive XANA Genesis NFT, XANA virtual Land, Global NFTs Promotion support, and the opportunity to create MetaverseNFT from the piece. The submission is ongoing, so submit your entries now!

XANA Metaverse Skateboard NFTs Available on GateNFT

The wait is finally over for the Skateboard NFT fans. The NFTs are now available at the GateNFT marketplace for purchasing. Users can buy these NFTs and then use them in the XANA metaverse as a mode of commuting. XANA Skateboard NFTs are the first collectible skateboards built on blockchain technology. Skateboard NFTs will give you access to an actual skateboard in the XANA Metaverse, which you can use to get around the virtual world.

XANA Produced NFTs for Yokohama Urban Sports Festival

XANA metaverse produced official NFTs for “YOKOHAMA URBAN SPORTS FESTIVAL 2022”. It is the largest sports festival with top global athletes and multiple Olympic gold medalists. XANA has also launched a campaign to win a limited NFT of “YOKOHAMA URBAN SPORTS FESTIVAL 2022” for the community. 100 participants will be selected by the lottery to get a limited special NFT containing the best scenes of Japan’s top athletes. Learn more here.

XANALIA NFT Art Awards Ceremony Held on the XANA Metaverse

The XANALIA NFT Art Awards Ceremony was held on the XANA Metaverse, a blockchain-based virtual world that is completely decentralized and run by its users. The ceremony was held in a 3D space, with guests able to move around and interact with each other as well as browse through all of the various pieces in order to cast their votes.

Weekly XANADanceMeme Contest New Winners Selected

The new winners for our weekly meme contest have been selected, and we’re excited to announce them. Congratulations to all of our winners. The agenda for this contest is to promote the creativity of the XANA community and encourage them to create NFTs. The meme contest is open to anyone who wants to participate and can be found here.

Tech Development

XANA Launchpad Page has Been Developed

XANA has announced that the XANA users can create their own Metaverse NFTs and Avatars. To allow the users to create their own NFTs within the XANA Metaverse, XANA dev team was developing the XANA Launchpad. The launchpad has been developed and will be available for the users very soon. Read more about it here.

XANA DAO V-meetup Call on Discord with XANA CEO

XANA team has hosted a session at the official Discord server about the alpha XANA DAO. This was a casual XANA DAO meetup with the XANA CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo. These XANA DAO meetups on discord will soon become a recurring thing. Rio discussed ideas and questions from the community + having a conversation with the speakers. Everyone is welcome to attend!

XANA Metaverse NFT Card Game NFTDuel Getting Bug Fixes

The NFT card game NFTDuel developed by the XANA team is undergoing bug fixing. It is a Metaverse game which can be played in the XANA metaverse with the NFT cards based on various anime series like ULTRAMAN, Rooster Fighter and Astro Boy. After the community testing, the team is working on the reported bugs to develop a more immersive and fun gaming experience.

New Assets Added to XANA Builder

XANA has added more assets to their metaverse building tool, XANA Builder with more powerful tools to help you create the perfect world for your users. Users now have more options for building their own worlds and environments within the Metaverse. XANA team keeps on updating the assets to the XANA Builder enabling users and creators to launch their creativity in the XANA Metaverse.

XANA Metaverse NFT Marketplace XANALIA Getting New Look

We’re very excited to announce that XANALIA is getting a new UI/UX. With this redesign, we hope to make your experience on our platform even more enjoyable than it already is. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make our platform as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Now, with the help of our new design team, we’re ready to show you what’s coming next.



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