XANA Weekly Report 11: May 29 — June 6


Business Development

XANA XETA Token DAO Round Sale with DAO Maker

XANA XETA Token Public SHO with DAO Maker

XANA Hosts Action Sports NFT Competition with Japan’s Largest Companies

New Influencers on Boarding to XANA

XANA CEO AMA with Expert Kripto

XANA AMA with CryptoDaku

Content Development

Winners of Hiroko Koshino Whitelist Announced

Action Sports NFT Competition Ongoing

XANA Metaverse Skateboard NFTs Available on GateNFT

XANA Produced NFTs for Yokohama Urban Sports Festival

XANALIA NFT Art Awards Ceremony Held on the XANA Metaverse

Weekly XANADanceMeme Contest New Winners Selected

Tech Development

XANA Launchpad Page has Been Developed

XANA DAO V-meetup Call on Discord with XANA CEO

XANA Metaverse NFT Card Game NFTDuel Getting Bug Fixes

New Assets Added to XANA Builder

XANA Metaverse NFT Marketplace XANALIA Getting New Look



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XANA | Metaverse

XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains.