XANA Weekly Report 13: June 13th — June 19th

Business Development

New Astro Boy Event Has Begun

The XANA team is collaborating with the Tottori prefecture in Japan to promote Japanese culture through Japan’s iconic work of art: Astro Boy. Anyone who wants to participate in this event is free to do so, and the winner of the event will be given $2500 in rewards. Together let’s rediscover the beauty of Local Japan! If you want to join, learn more here .

XANA is Working on a Metaverse Movie Project with Some Industry Leaders

The XANA team is consistently upgrading its efforts for the global community. We are all set to work on a Metaverse movie project with some industry leaders. The aim is to enhance the knowledge of the community around the Metaverse and the GameFi space. The Metaverse movie project is a revolutionary step in the virtual world.

K-Pop Collaboration Under Discussion

After collaborating on the popular Manga anime series, XANA is now in discussion for a collaboration with the K-Pop stars. XANA is partnering with a K-pop group to promote their metaverse.

We’re excited to see how this collaboration will affect the industry as a whole. This makes XANA the earliest Metaverse to be collaborating with K-pop stars. The K-pop group and all associated details regarding the collaboration will be announced once everything has been worked out. XANA plans to use this opportunity to educate people about how they can get involved with the project as well as its goals and vision for the future of entertainment through virtual reality technology.

CEX Listings Have Been Prepared

We are pleased to announce that the CEX listings have been prepared for the XANA metaverse. The XANA metaverse will be listed on some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The listing is a major step forward for the XANA project because it makes it possible for more people to participate in our ecosystem.

DAOMaker Public Round Ongoing

Together, we are forming XANA DAO!

We have taken the time to build a community where we can all come together and build something great. The public round for the XANA metaverse SHO with DAO Maker is ongoing. The DAO x XANA Metaverse is going to create new adventures. This is great news because it means people from around the world will get a chance to participate in XANA’s public sale, and join the XANA community.

IDO With GameFi Ongoing

XANA Metaverse has launched its IDO for GameFi. The XANA team is excited about this opportunity and believes that there is an underserved market of potential gamers who have been overlooked by the Metaverse gaming market. GameFi is a big part of the XANA Metaverse, thus attracting the gaming market is crucial.

Content Development

XANA Genesis Whitelist Closing Soon

The XANA team has announced the whitelist campaign for the XANA Genesis NFT series. These AI-enable NFTs will make the Metaverse experience more immersive. The whitelist users will get a chance to win XANA Land reward, GameFi autoplay support, and $XETA. XANA is closing whitelisting soon, so make sure you submit an application.

XANALIA Creative Art Award is Accepting Entries Now

We are delighted to be having the Creative Art Award competition. XANALIA is providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy/appreciate NFT art casually and freely by accepting entries worldwide. The best NFT artworks will be awarded based on judges’ votes and auction ranking. Additionally, nominated artworks will also be displayed in a virtual reality art gallery. This NFT art competition offers a fun, constructive, and professional environment in which to learn, draw inspiration from other artists and develop your own skills and self-confidence. Submit your entry now.

NFTDuel Gameplay Trailer is Under Development

NFTDuel, the first native GameFi of XANA metaverse, gameplay trailer is just around the corner! Soon in metaverse, NFTDuel’s NFT card based game is what everyone will be playing to prove their skills and the value of their NFT assets. XANA team is consistently working towards adding the advanced functionalities of its native GameFi and its trailer is also under development which will be released soon.

XANA is Working on 2 New Major Content Development Collaborations

In an announcement, XANA revealed that they are working on new major content development collaborations. We’re working on the future of the project, and looking forward to seeing the continued development of XANA as the Metaverse grows stronger. There’s so much to be excited about! XANA can’t disclose the details right now due to NDAs. Stay tuned to our Discord, Twitter and Telegram we’re ready to show you what’s coming next.

Land NFT Guidelines being Prepared

XANA Metaverse is constantly being upgraded by the team. Our team is working towards the development of the XANA Land NFT guidelines. These guidelines will enable users to easily go through the details about XANA metaverse Land purchase procedure, ongoing events, and different worlds.

Featured by Major Japanese TV News Channel Zero

XANA and its first wearable NFTs by top designer Hiroko Koshino have been featured by the top Japanese news TV show in Japan. This first avatar digital fashion NFT drop rocked the fashion industry. XANA is continuously bringing Metaverse and NFT to the masses. Hiroko Koshino Metaverse wearable NFTs, and their key visuals have been revealed for your XANA avatar. Check out this short clip to see the NFTs being featured on mainstream Japanese television.

Tech Development

Token Smart Contracts are Being Audited

XANA Token smart contracts are being audited. The audit process is a critical step in the development of any smart contract, and it’s important to perform this step correctly to ensure that your token is secure and properly coded. The audit is focused on identifying any potential vulnerabilities in the smart contracts and ensuring that those vulnerabilities have been fixed.

XANA Land Page Under Development

A new page dedicated solely to the Land on the XANA Metaverse is being developed right now. This page will feature the locations of different plots of Land on the XANA Metaverse. Additionally, the page will also provide information regarding the many unique plots of Land available on the XANA Metaverse.

XANALIA V2 Almost Complete

XANALIA has been under development lately to give it an entirely new frame and look. XANALIA V2 will have a much better user interface, and provide a significantly improved user experience compared to the current XANALIA. XANALIA V2 will also be equipped with all the features necessary for it to operate as a Metaverse compatible NFT Marketplace.

XANA Genesis NFTs AI Features Almost Complete

We are excited to announce that almost all of the AI features we’ve been working on for XANA Genesis NFTs have been completed. XANA GENESIS: the first NFTs creation of its kind, will be the first NFTs specifically minted for the XANA Metaverse. We are proud to say that XANA is a pioneer in AI NFTs.

NFT Duel Alpha Version is Nearly Fully Developed

NFTDuel has been under development for the past few months and is nearly fully developed. The team has been working hard to ensure that the game will be ready for Alpha launch, which we hope to do very soon. The development process has been a long and exciting one, but we have finally reached what we believe is the final milestone — we have the game’s core mechanics in place. In order to achieve this goal, our team has been working tirelessly to iron out bugs and implement new features.



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