XANA Weekly Report 14: June 20 — June 26

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6 min readJun 28, 2022
XANA Weekly Report

Business Development

XANA Collaborated with Tottori Japan on Astro Boy X Japan NFT Competition

The XANA team took a major leap in NFT space by creating a new generation of NFTs: Astro Boy X Japan NFTs in collaboration with TOTTORI Japan. The two entities joined forces to bring the Japanese culture to the NFT and Anime fanbase. Now XANA is working with Tottori Japan to create a competition around the Astro Boy X Japan NFTs to further promote Japanese culture. This competition received an insane amount of entries, and the team at XANA as well as the Tottori prefecture are grateful for everyone who participated.

XANA is Preparing to Announce its Movie Project

XANA team is consistently working on its Metaverse based movie project. XANA is working with top tier media groups to make sure the XANA Metaverse based movie has professional production, and screenplay. The project will unleash the core and the basics of the Metaverse concept. As the XANA metaverse continues to attract more and more people and businesses, it gathers more interest in the media. The XANA team will soon announce the movie project along with all the important details you need to know about it.

XANA is Working with a K-Pop Group

The XANA metaverse is working with a K-Pop group, and they are going to be performing in the metaverse. The partnership will allow the group to build their fanbase and connect with existing fans in the metaverse. The collaboration between XANA and K-Pop group is expected to be an instant success because it combines popular culture with next generation technology.

XETA Token Listing on Hold Due to Market Conditions

XANA has already made agreements with top tier crypto exchanges for XETA token listing, but the listing is on hold right now. The terrible market conditions are such that we have decided to put XETA token listing on hold until the market situation improves. The XANA team is working hard to find a solution that will allow us to offer the XETA token in a way that will be beneficial to all parties involved.

DAOMaker IDO Coming to a Close

The public round for the XANA metaverse SHO with DAO Maker is coming to a close. The DAO x XANA IDO is going to help expand XANA’s existing community. This is great news because it means people from around the world will get a chance to participate in XANA’s public sale, and join the XANA community. We have received huge entries for the XANA IDO on the DAOMaker.

XANA Weekly Report

Content Development

XANA Genesis NFTs Whitelist Winners Have Been Selected

The XANA Genesis NFTs series whitelist campaign was organized by the XANA team. The campaign received massive entries and had a great response from the community. The XANA Genesis winners have been selected and will be announced soon. These AI-enabled NFTs will make the Metaverse and NFT experience more immersive than ever before. The whitelist users who become owners of XANA Genesis NFTs will get a chance to win XANA Land reward, GameFi autoplay support, and $XETA token allocation.

Creative Art Award is Coming to a Close

The Creative Art Award competition hosted by the XANA team is coming to end. This award competition gave opportunity to everyone to enjoy/appreciate NFT art casually and freely by accepting entries worldwide. The best NFT artworks will be selected and awarded based on judges’ votes and auction ranking. Additionally, nominated artworks will also be displayed in a virtual reality art gallery. XANA will promote the winning NFT in the global NFT marketplace, and the winning entry will be converted into a Metaverse compatible NFT. They will also receive XANA’s first original NFT collection and virtual land in the XANA Metaverse.

NFTDuel Gameplay Revealed

NFTDuel, the first native GameFi of XANA metaverse, gameplay trailer has been revealed! Soon in the metaverse, NFTDuel’s NFT card-based game is what everyone will be playing to prove their skills and the value of their NFT assets. XANA team is consistently working towards improving the advanced functionalities of its native GameFi. The NFTDuel gameplay has received praise from the global community and we are excited to launch the game in the Metaverse.

Almost all XANA Alpha Pass NFTs Have Been Allocated

After the completion of the Alpha pass NFT campaign, the Alpha Pass NFTs have been allocated to the whitelist winners. The XANA Alpha Pass is an opportunity for certain users to be the first ones to experience exclusive metaverse features like avatar customization, advanced social interaction gestures, exploration, and trying out different games and activities in XANA. The Alpha Pass has a unique meta tag, and as long as you have it in your wallet you will gain access to these special perks.

Rooster Fighter Event Under Preparation

We are excited to announce that we are preparing a Rooster Fighter NFT event. The Rooster Fighter event is under preparation. We are working on the details and expect to release more information soon. The Rooster fighter NFT series has received massive support and love from the community, so get ready for the new adventures within the XANA Metaverse.

Making Arrangements to Set up a XANA Metaverse Billboard in Tokyo

XANA team is making arrangements to set up a XANA Metaverse Billboard in Tokyo. We are working to make sure that people who pass by this billboard get their first glimpse into the Metaverse through XANA, so they can share their excitement with others. This is a great opportunity to expose the XANA Metaverse to the public and to network with other XANA users.

Tech Development

ANA Chain Testnet is Live

The XANA Chain will be an ethereum sidechain that is custom made for the Metaverse. The XANA Metaverse and its entire Metaverse ecosystem will be based on the XANA Chain. The XANA Chain has already been developed, and is in its testnet phase.

XETA Staking Platform is Being Tested

The XETA Staking Platform is being tested in a limited capacity. This is to ensure that it is functioning properly and to make sure that the platform can handle the volume of users who will begin using it at launch. XETA is the native token of the XANA Metaverse, and it allows users to enjoy tons of perks within the Metaverse.

XANALIA V2 Testing Almost Complete

We are pleased to announce that the XANALIA V2 testing phase is almost complete. This is a significant milestone for the XANALIA project, as it signifies the completion of testing on XANA’s flagship NFT Marketplace. XANALIA will now have an entirely new frame and look with a much better user interface, and significantly improved user experience. XANALIA V2 testing is going really well, and it is expected to be complete very soon.

NFTDuel Getting Ready for Launch

NFTDuel has been under development for the past few months and is now fully developed. The team has been working hard to ensure that the game will be ready for the Alpha launch. After the Alpha testing phase, the NFTDuel gameplay is ready to be launched at the XANA metaverse. The development process has been a long and exciting one, but we have finally reached what we believe is the final milestone — we have the game’s core mechanics in place. To achieve this goal, our team has worked tirelessly to iron out bugs and implement new features.

XANA Genesis NFTs AI Engine Almost Fully Prepared

We are excited to announce that almost all of the AI features we’ve been working on for XANA Genesis NFTs have been completed. XANA GENESIS: the first NFTs creation of its kind, will be the first NFTs specifically minted for the XANA Metaverse. We are proud to say that XANA is a pioneer in AI NFTs.

XANA Builder is Almost Fully Developed

XANA Metaverse has launched XANA Builder to enable users and artists to create assets & virtual environments within the XANA Metaverse. XANA Builder includes multiple powerful tools and a large selection of assets to help you develop your Land or create NFTs for the XANA Metaverse. XANA Builder now has almost all the tools and assets necessary to enable XANA’s user base to let their creativity fly and develop what they want in the XANA Metaverse.



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