XANA Weekly Report 16: July 4th — July 10th

Business Development

XANA XETA Token SHO With DAO Maker is Now Complete

The XANA team has worked with DAOMaker to prepare an SHO-styled IDO for its XETA token. $XETA SHO has been completed with a massive response. The SHO was hit with over 21,552 participants joining and people staking nearly $900 million in tokens to win a potential spot in XANA’s SHO. The XETA token owners will be entitled to many benefits at the XANA metaverse.

XANA XETA Token IDO With GameFi Closing Soon

If you want to get the opportunity to buy XETA tokens, now is your chance. XANA XETA Token IDO With GameFi is Closing Soon on July 15th, so make sure to act fast. XETA GamFi IDO is being done on BNB Chain, and the only accepted currency for this IDO is BUSD. Remember that you will need to send in a submission to enter into a whitelist for this IDO. You can apply to the whitelist here.

XANA Community Round Sale for XETA is Now Complete

The XANA Community Round Sale for XETA is now complete! Thank you to our community of supporters who helped us make this sale possible. XETA is the native token of the XANA Metaverse, allowing users to enjoy tons of perks within the Metaverse.

XANA Land Public Sale Will Begin Soon

XANA is an EVM-based blockchain infrastructure and DApps platform custom-built for the Metaverse, adopted by the major institutions and global brands. XANA Land will soon be available for public sale. This will create significant opportunities for the land owners within the Metaverse. Users can host events, set up their businesses, or advertise their services on their XANA Land.

XETA CEX Listing is on Standby

XANA has already made agreements with top-tier crypto exchanges for XETA token listing, but the listing is on hold right now. The terrible market conditions are such that we have decided to put XETA token listing on hold until the market situation improves. The XANA team is working hard to find a solution that will allow us to offer the XETA token in a way that will benefit all parties involved.

Content Development

XANA Genesis NFTs Got a Final Adjustment

XANA Genesis NFTs are XANA’s first official NFTs with AI features. The Genesis NFTs are ambitious since they will be pioneering a new series of NFTs: AI-integrated NFTs. Every single aspect of the Genesis NFTs has been meticulously prepared. The XANA team has worked hard on the final adjustments for the Genesis NFT series, and it is done.

XANA Stories Series Just Launched

The XANA team is creating a series of stories that revolve around the XANA Metaverse. The first few stories from the series have been launched to the global community. These stories are interactive guides that will walk you through the Metaverse and its many unique aspects. Each Metaverse story will have the main character, showing you the XANA Metaverse through the lenses of this main character.

The XANA stories are something entirely new that the team at XANA is working on. It is a fascinating new concept because it shows that the Metaverse is not just a marvel of technology but also one of art.

Rooster Fighterz Race is Under Development

We are excited to announce that we are preparing a Rooster Fighter NFT event. The Rooster Fighterz race event is under preparation. We are working on the details and expect to release more information soon. The Rooster fighter NFT series has received massive support and love from the community, so get ready for the new adventures within the XANA Metaverse.

XANA Creative Award is Being Announced Soon

The XANA Creative Art Award competition hosted by the XANA team has ended. This award competition allowed everyone to enjoy/appreciate NFT art casually and freely by accepting entries worldwide. The best NFT artworks will be announced soon based on judges’ votes and auction ranking.

Additionally, nominated artworks will be displayed in a virtual reality art gallery. XANA will promote the winning NFT in the global NFT marketplace, and the winning entry will be converted into a Metaverse compatible NFT. They will also receive XANA’s first original NFT collection and virtual land in the XANA Metaverse.

Preparing Ranking Event for NFTDuel

NFTDuel, the first native GameFi of XANA metaverse. The XANA team is now preparing the ranking event for the NFT Duel. Ranking events are a great way to give players a chance to show their skills and compete against some of the best players in the world. They are a fun way to meet the community, attract new players, and help community members build their reputation as excellent gamers.

Tech Development

NFTDuel Alpha Distributed

We are pleased to announce the initial release of NFTDuel Alpha Test App Ver 1.0 today. This Alpha test app will be released to make the game better. As planned, it will be released only to ULTRAMAN Genesis NFT owners.

NFTDuel is the first native “GameFi” in the XANA metaverse and the first NFT card battle game to capitalize on game items in the Web3 era and to provide an exciting game experience comparable to conventional games.

New XANALIA APP is Ready to Launch

We are pleased to announce that the new XANALIA app has passed the testing phase and is ready for launch. This is a significant milestone for the XANALIA project, as it signifies the completion of testing on XANA’s flagship NFT Marketplace. The new XANALIA app now has an entirely new frame and look, a much better user interface, and a significantly improved user experience.

XANA Chain Testnet is Now Available

The XANA Chain will be an Ethereum sidechain custom-made for the Metaverse. The XANA Metaverse and its entire Metaverse ecosystem will be based on the XANA Chain. The XANA Chain has already been developed and is in its testnet phase.

XANA Builder is Almost Complete

XANA Metaverse has launched XANA Builder to enable users and artists to create assets & virtual environments within the XANA Metaverse. XANA Builder includes multiple power tools and a large selection of assets to help you develop your Land or create NFTs for the XANA Metaverse. XANA Builder now has almost all the tools and assets necessary to enable XANA’s user base to let their creativity fly and develop what they want in the XANA Metaverse.

XANA Genesis NFTs AI Features Getting Final Adjustments

The XANA community has been excitedly waiting for XANA Genesis NFTs, and the team at XANA greatly appreciates that. The XANA Genesis NFTs are almost fully prepared, but some tweaking is still required with their AI functions.

Keep in mind that the XANA Genesis NFTs are breaking new grounds by being one of the first AI-enabled NFTs developed entirely on and for the Metaverse.



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