XANA Weekly Report 17: July 11th — July 17th

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XANA Weekly Report

Business Development

XETA Listing in a Matter of Days on Top Exchanges

XANA’s XETA token is about to list in a matter of days, and the listing will be done on top-tier exchanges. The XETA listing has been drawn out due to poor market conditions, but the team at XANA is confident that now is a great time to list. Besides that, XANA is a project that is focused on delivering consistent real value, and the team’s decisions are always made with the long-run sustainable growth of the project.

XANA and Tottori Prefecture Astro Boy X Japan Contest Award Winners Announced

XANA and the local Japanese government of the Tottori prefecture recently held a contest. The contest was based on creating exciting art and memes that incorporate the Astro Boy X Japan NFTs. This contest recently ended, and the winners have all been announced. The government of the Tottori prefecture, in collaboration with XANA, will be providing the winners of this contest with some exciting rewards related to Japanese culture.

This contest was intended to promote Japanese culture to the world, and the sheer amount of submissions and engagement those submissions got is genuinely remarkable. XANA and Tottori prefecture is grateful to everyone who participated in this contest.

XANA IDO With GameFi is Now Closed

XANA held an IDO with GameFi to help distribute XETA tokens to gamers. GameFi/NFT gaming will be a significant part of the XANA Metaverse, so attracting gamers to the XANA community and incentivizing them to join the XANA DAO is very important to the project.

The XANA IDO with GameFi was a significant success, but it has come to a close. XANA is grateful to everyone who participated.

XANA Collaborating with J&J, Japan’s Largest Tourism Company

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world right now (the tourism industry is valued at $1.3 trillion), and it could even be a significant part of the virtual world someday. The XANA Metaverse is collaborating with J&J, Japan’s most prominent tourism company, to become a first mover in the virtual tourism industry. J&J is already one of the biggest tourism companies in the world, with a revenue of $10 billion per annum.

XANA is Now Collaborating with Over 100 Animes and Mangas

XANA has collaborated with some of the most giant Anime and manga, such as ULTRAMAN, Rooster Fighter, and Astro Boy. XANA is collaborating with much more Anime and manga as well. XANA has been busy negotiating with over 100 Animes and Mangas. The negotiations went well, and now XANA is collaborating with over 100 Animes and Mangas.

XANA Metaverse is Launching on XANA Chain and an Avalanche Subnet

The XANA Metaverse will be launching on its network called the XANA chain, an Ethereum side chain. XANA Metaverse will also embark on an Avalanche subnet. The XANA Metaverse is a hyper-immersive virtual world with endless possibilities. Having it on an Avalanche subnet will provide Avalanche users with an easy ability to hop into the world of XANA so that they can have a great time and participate in XANA’s user-driven Metaverse economy.

Launching on an Avalanche subnet will be very beneficial for the XANA Metaverse as it will provide XANA with exposure to Avalanche’s colossal community. Additionally, having the XANA Metaverse on an Avalanche subnet makes it very easy for the Avalanche community to try out the XANA Metaverse as users and eventually become XANA community members.

Content Development

XANA Community DanceMeme Contest Winners for Last Week Announced

A while ago, XANA started a community initiative called the DanceMeme content. When it began, the DanceMeme contest gained much traction, but today it’s getting more engagement than ever before. Last week’s DanceMeme contest winners have been announced.

The DanceMeme contest is a weekly community initiative, so try it out next week if you haven’t participated yet. XANA truly appreciates the community’s continued and growing participation in this initiative.

XANA AI Genesis NFTs Minting Date Announced

XANA AI Genesis NFTs have been fully designed. These will be the first official NFTs developed by the XANA Metaverse. The XANA Genesis NFTs will come equipped with AI features and will be the first NFTs ever to have such capabilities.

The winners of the XANA AI Genesis NFTs whitelist will be glad to know that their minting date has been announced. Only loyal members of the XANA community were awarded spots in the XANA genesis NFT whitelist. XANA appreciates everyone who participated. If you are a new community member of XANA, then stay active in the community, so that you can win major prizes in the future as well.

Astro Boy X Japan Community Contest Showed Immense Creativity

XANA community has proven its creativity in the Astro Boy X Japan community contest. There were a lot of participants from the XANA community in this community contest, and the level of creativity was definitely remarkable.

XANA appreciates everyone from the community who participated, and the individuals who put a lot of time/effort into their creative works in this contest will be rewarded. The rewards for this contest will be related to Japanese culture and are specially provided by the Tottori prefecture in Japan.

XANALIA V2 is Out, and Will Promote User Generated NFT Content for Metaverses

XANALIA V2 is XANA’s flagship NFT Marketplace and is the first NFT Marketplace fully integrated into a Metaverse. XANALIA V2 will make it easy for users to create NFT content for the XANA Metaverse. It will also make it easy for users, developers, and games to monetize their NFT projects on the XANA Metaverse.

XANALIA V2 will help promote a creative revolution on the Metaverse, and it will begin on the XANA Metaverse.

More Anime and Manga Characters will Join the XANA Metaverse Soon.

The XANA Metaverse has attracted significant Anime and Manga characters like ULTRAMAN, Rooster Fighter, and Astro Boy. Now, XANA is collaborating with over 100 Anime and manga. Soon XANA will try to bring some of the characters from these Animes and Mangas over to the XANA Metaverse.

Tech Development

XANA Alpha DApp is Available on Apple and Android Stores

The XANA Alpha DApp has been developed and has been given the approval to list on both Apple and Android stores. This is a great occasion for XANA because now anyone can easily download and enter the XANA Metaverse.

XANA Alpha DApp has Received Some Exciting New Updates

XANA Alpha DApp has received some exciting new updates, such as a first-person view, an artificial reality (AR) function, the ability to live stream virtual world events from within the XANA Metaverse, and many bug fixes.

XANALIA V2 has Been Developed

XANALIA V2 has been developed. XANALIA V2 is a lot faster and smoother compared to XANALIA V1. The functions on XANALIA V2 will also be significantly easier to use compared to XANALIA V1. XANALIA V2 should provide an overall better experience to everyone.

XANA AI Genesis NFTs are Prepared for Launch

XANA Genesis NFTs is truly a feat of blockchain development. They are the first NFTs fully Metaverse integrated NFTs with AI capabilities. XANA Genesis NFTs took a long time to develop and underwent testing, but they are finally prepared for launch.

XANA Working on Launching Metaverse on an Avalanche Subnet

XANA has begun the development work needed to launch the XANA Metaverse on an Avalanche subnet. This will be a significant development milestone for the XANA Metaverse and will allow XANA to become one of the first multi-chain Metaverse.



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