XANA Weekly Update: April 4th to April 10th

Business Development

First Penguin Incentive

The most valuable asset on the XANA Metaverse is its Metaverse Land. XANA will be giving certain community members allocations to buy some of its Metaverse Land in a presale. Allocation in XANA’s Land presale will only be given to XANA’s earliest, most active and dedicated community members as a part of a program called the First Penguin Incentive. Read more about it here.

OKEX Collaboration for Rooster Fighter NFT PFPs

One of the biggest crypto exchanges in Japan, OKEX, is now collaborating with XANA for its Rooster Fighter PFP NFT drop. OKEX’s NFT Marketplace is extremely popular around the world, and the Rooster Fighter NFT PFPs will be one of the first popular anime NFTs listed on their NFT Marketplace. Additionally, the Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs sale is one of the first time official Anime PFPs are ever being sold.

Final Call for $XETA and Alpha Pass Whitelist

The XANA community is the driving force of the XANA Metaverse. To get the community more involved, and reward active community members, XANA will be giving community members allocations for XANA’s $XETA token private sale, and Alpha Pass NFTs. A 100 allocations for the $XETA token private sale, and 300 Alpha Pass NFTs will be given away to the XANA Global Community for the final call of XANA’s Global Campaign. Learn more here.

Content Update

Astro Boy X Japan NFT Whitelist is Closed

XANA’s Astro Boy X Japan NFT Whitelist closed on April 4, 2022, and it got an insane amount of engagement. The Astro Boy X Japan Whitelist had 2000 winners, which were selected from a staggering 278,342 entries. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners. The winners of this Whitelist will be getting emails, and they will be announced soon.

Rooster Fighter NFT Whitelist

The whitelist for multiple Rooster Fighter NFT cards recently closed, and the winners of these whitelists have been selected. Some of the Rooster Fighter NFT cards that completed their whitelist are: Meta Survivor Rooster, Chilling Rooster with Lollypop and Aggressive Purplish Crown Rooster. Please keep in mind that the Rooster Fighter NFT card whitelist is completely separate from the Rooster Fighter PFP NFTs.

Third Round of ULTRAMAN NFT Genesis Cards Whitelist Closed

The ULTRAMAN NFT cards will be available to mint on the XANALIA NFT Marketplace for the winners of the whitelist. XANALIA is a multichain NFT Marketplace that can be used from Ethereum, BSC and Polygon. The cost to mint on Ethereum will be 0.12 $ETH, on BSC it will cost 0.92 $BNB, and on Polygon it will cost 265 $Matic. You can also use $ALIA tokens to mint on BSC and Polygon.

Round 4 of the ULTRAMAN Genesis Card NFTs has Begun

XANA has begun the 4th round of the ULTRAMAN Genesis card NFTs’ whitelist. There will be 200 winners for this whitelist, and it will be ongoing until April 20th. The number of submissions for the last few rounds of the ULTRAMAN NFT whitelist has been insane. If you don’t want to miss your chance to get an ULTRAMAN NFT, apply here.

Get to Know XANA’s CEO: Health Tips

XANA’s CEO shares tips on how to remain healthy with his work-life balance. Tips mentioned include workout, and dieting tips as well as a reminder that consistency is very important for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle. You can check out the videos for his health tips here.

Tech Operations

XANA Metaverse Archives

XANA is excited to tell you about the Metaverse Archives! The Metaverse Archives will be a place where all major events, and maybe even all events that occur on the XANA Metaverse will be stored. Stored events will be available for streaming. The Metaverse Archive is a new feature, and isn’t ready yet, but as soon as it’s ready people will be able to stream events held on the XANA Metaverse using it.

Entrance to XANA Metaverse Being Optimized

XANA is working on optimizing people’s ability to join the XANA Metaverse. Once developments are complete, anyone who joins the XANA Metaverse, or any other product made by the XANA team will be able to seamlessly access the others with the same account. XANA is doing this by having similar details needed to access the XANA Metaverse, XANALIA NFT Marketplace, and other future Dapps that will be developed by the team.

Improving the XANA Metaverse Based on Alpha Tester Feedback

The XANA Metaverse Alpha recently launched, and the XANA team has already begun making improvements to the XANA Metaverse. Many of the new improvements being made to the XANA Metaverse are due to XANA’s amazing community who are Alpha testing the Metaverse right now.



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