XANA Weekly Update: Major Events From 20th to 27th March

Business Development

INO Collaboration

XANA is collaborating with INO platforms. All the dealings and discussions for this new collaboration have already been dealt with. The XANA team is just preparing the announcement and getting everything ready for this collaboration to be announced.

$XETA Token IDO on DAOMaker

The project report page of XANA in DAOMaker is now available. You can deep dive into the analysis of the world’s №1 IDO Platform DAO maker, XANA. DAOMaker offered XANA their acceleration program and keeps connecting XANA to top-tier blockchain companies and exchanges. The initial gleam campaign hosted by DAOmaker for XANA ended with over 30,000 users submitted.

CEX Listing

XANA is in talks with all the major CEXes for the project’s $XETA token listing. There are non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place with all the CEXes that XANA is discussing, which is why we cannot give away too much information right now. The discussions are going well, though, and XANA is making significant progress on this front.

Governmental Organization Collaboration

Earlier this month XANA announced it is collaborating with a local Japanese government. This business development made XANA the first Metaverse project to have any dealings with the Japanese government. Now, more collaboration has been signed, and put into action. You can find out more about the collaboration between XANA, and the local Japanese government in this announcement.

New Artist

The XANA Metaverse will newly collaborate with multiple artists to help promote creativity on the Metaverse. Some of the most recent ones were: a Japanese pop (JPop) idol groups, and a popular Anime voice actor, Tachibana Shinnosuke. Recently, XANA discussed a potential collaboration with a new artist, and the discussions have been finalized. The announcement regarding the new artist will be made soon.

New Fashion Brand

The XANA Metaverse is working with global fashion brands to create some great branded Wearable clothes, shoes and accessories for XANA’s Metaverse Avatars. Recently XANA began discussions with a new fashion brand to onboard them onto the XANA Metaverse. Once these discussions are completed, NFTs representing these Wearable digital assets will be made available on the XANA Metaverse.

Round 2 of $XETA Token Whitelist

The first round of the $XETA token private sale whitelist ended a month ago, and the winners for it have already been selected. The second round of the $XETA token whitelist is still ongoing, but will end in a few days. These whitelists are being given out to the XANA community for XANA’s global community campaign, and the winners of this will be given a $100 allocation for the $XETA private sale. This article highlights XANA’s global campaign, how to enter, and the rules it follows.

XANA Metaverse Land Private Sale

The XANA Metaverse is selling some of its land on a private sale to bring on brands, major companies, and influencers to the XANA Metaverse. Onboarding major companies from the crypto space, and the traditional world onto the XANA Metaverse will help the project gain rapid traction. Additionally, they can help develop the land on XANA into something meaningful that users can go see.

Content Update

ULTRAMAN R3 Whitelist

ULTRAMAN R1 and R2 whitelist have been completed, and those NFTs have already been sold to the winners of those whitelists. The third round of the ULTRAMAN whitelist is ongoing, and there are going to be 200 potential winners in this whitelist who will be able to buy ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs (Price will be announced soon). The ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs have already been performing really well. Check out this page to learn more about the ULTRAMAN Genesis Card NFTs.

Astro Boy x Japan Whitelist

Earlier this month XANA announced a release for its Astro Boy X Japan NFTs. These NFTs were announced alongside XANA’s collaboration with a local Japanese government because these NFTs also have unique features that represent Japanese culture. The Whitelist for these Astro Boy X Japan NFTs is still ongoing, so make sure to check it out.

Rooster Fighter Updates

A new collection of Rooster Fighter NFTs are being prepared to be dropped. These Rooster Fighter NFTs are going to be PFPs, and they will also be Wearable skins for your XANA Metaverse Avatars. These Rooster FIghter PFP NFTs will be launched on XANALIA along with some of the biggest NFT Marketplaces in this space, such as OpenSea. Learn more here.

Tachibana NFT

Tachibana Shinnosuke, the famous Japanese Anime voice actor held an event in the XANA Metaverse where he met with his fans in the virtual world. To enter this event people had to get Tachibana NFTs, which have already been dropped to potential event goers. The event which recently ended was a major success, and a lot of Anime fans joined in.

Alpha Pass NFTs

The Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse is ready, and to enter it people need to get an Alpha Pass NFT. The first round of Alpha Pass NFTs have been distributed to the Winners of the first Round’s Whitelist. There will be other rounds of the Alpha Pass Whitelist, so check out this article to see the rules, and find out how you can win the next round.

Skateboard NFTs

Street culture such as BMX, and skateboarding are extremely popular. The XANA Metaverse will be a social Metaverse where people can hangout with their friends and other people on the Metaverse by participating in numerous activities. XANA is developing skateboard NFTs that will allow users of the Metaverse to use them as actual skateboards in the XANA Metaverse.

Hiroko Koshino

The XANA Metaverse is bringing a major Japanese fashion designer, Hiroko Koshino, into the virtual space. XANA is converting Hiroko Koshino’s original 3D designed fashion items into NFTs that will be available as Wearable digital assets for Avatars on the XANA Metaverse. To know more about this collaboration check out this article.

Tech Developments

XANA Metaverse DApp

The Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse DApp has been developed, and the Alpha testing series has already begun as well. The XANA Metaverse DApp has also been accepted onto the Apple Play store, and will be listed on there. The Google Play store listing is still being discussed.

XANALIA NFT Marketplace DApp

XANALIA is XANA’s flagship NFT Marketplace, and people will have to use their XANALIA credentials to enter the XANA Metaverse. XANALIA has been developed, and an application to get it listed on the Apple App store has already been filed. You can learn more about that situation here.

NFTDuel Alpha Testing

The first GameFi that is being developed on the XANA Metaverse, NFTDuel, is now in its Alpha phase. The Alpha testing of NFTDuel is underway right now, and there is excellent progress being made.

XANA Builder is Adding More Assets

XANA is a Metaverse that will allow multiple different assets such as NFTs and tokens to be created or integrated on it. Additionally, XANA will also allow developers to integrate or develop DApps on the XANA Metaverse. To make the task of these developers easier XANA is adding more assets into the XANA Builder.

Community Growth

XANA’s social medias keep growing rapidly. Twitter followers reached 100,000, Total SNS community members are now 170,000.



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