XANA Weekly Update: Major Events From 28th March Till 3rd of April

Business Development

Institutions and Influencers Buying Land on XANA

Leading institutions and influencers are collaborating with the XANA Metaverse and are eagerly buying land on XANA for various business as well as development opportunities. The XANA Metaverse strives to bring brands, major companies, and influencers to the Metaverse space. These influencers and brands will help expand the XANA community, onboard users, and even create events that act as a catalyst for the XANA Metaverse’s economic growth. The XANA Metaverse is gaining rapid traction with the potential land sale. Awaiting something extravagant from the team.

Round 2 of XETA Token Whitelist Finalized

The entries for the second round of the $XETA token private sale whitelist is now closed, and the winners for it have already been selected. The response for the Round 2 whitelist has been overwhelming and we received more that 30k entries. The whitelist winners will be selected soon and announced. These whitelists are being given out to the XANA community for XANA’s global community campaign, and the winners of this will be given a $100 allocation for the $XETA private sale.

Alpha DAO Launched

The XANA Metaverse has successfully launched its Alpha DAO. The Alpha DAO is the first stage in a multi stage process to get the XANA community and team prepared for a fully functional DAO. The purpose of the Alpha DAO is to get the community engaged with the XANA Metaverse, get them more involved with everything that’s going on. Find out more about the Alpha DAO here.

New Artist

The XANA Metaverse is enticing new artists to the platform to promote the ingenuity and creativity on the Metaverse. XANA has recently collaborated with CryptoNinja and the popular anime community. The collaboration with a famous Anime voice actor, Tachibana Shinnosuke has been substantial. XANA is also in discussion with a potential fashion artist, and it will be finalized soon.

Content Update

ULTRAMAN R3 Whitelist

ULTRAMAN R3 Whitelist is now completed, and the winners of this whitelist will be announced soon! If you did not win a spot in the ULTRAMAN R3 Whitelist don’t worry, because R4 and R5 of the ULTRAMAN Whitelist are still left. Stay tuned to XANA, and make sure to try your hand at winning a spot for the next round of ULTRAMAN NFT Whitelist

Astro Boy X Japan Whitelist

The Astro Boy Whitelist had 2000 spots available, and 04.04 is its last day! Thank you to everyone who participated, and enjoy your official Astro Boy NFTs. Remember these Astro Boy NFTs will be skins in the XANA Metaverse, and can be used as playing cards on NFTDuel.

Rooster Fighter Whitelist

Numerous Rooster Fighter NFT Card Whitelists have closed, and those Rooster Fighter NFTs will be made available to the winners of the Whitelist. A few examples of the Rooster Fighter NFTs are the: Romantic Romeo Rooster, Casting a Spilling Spell, and Styling the Screwed Head. More Rooster FIghter NFT cards are still available, so don’t worry if you didn’t get any of these.

Alpha Pass NFTs

XANA just closed the Whitelist for a second round of XANA Alpha Pass NFTs. These Alpha Pass NFTs will allow the XANA community to try out the Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse. Everyone from the community will be able to try out the XANA Metaverse Alpha, but the Alpha pass holders will get access to some additional features, and you can learn more about it here.

Tech Operations

Alpha DAO Developed

The first version of the XANA DAO, XANA Alpha DAO has been developed. A fully functional DAO for the XANA community is still under development, which might take quite some time. XANA Alpha DAO will allow the community to participate in the development of the XANA Metaverse by being able to make proposals, communicate with the devs, and view community sentiment. This is just the very first step toward a fully-functional XANA DAO for the community. View the Alpha DAO here, or make proposals from here.

XANA Metaverse Alpha

The most exciting news for the users is that the Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse is ready and launched. This will be a massive hit with many excellent updates for the community. The Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse includes the premium features for Alpha Pass NFT holders that these users can access. After the release of the XANA Metaverse Alpha, the XANA team is now focused on XANA’s Alpha DAO.

XANA Metaverse Alpha Testing

The XANA Metaverse is undergoing Alpha phase testing. This is just the beginning of the fascinating journey of the XANA Metaverse. XANA is going to an immersive platform with many unfolding opportunities for the Metaverse community. The XANA team has shown excellent progress for the Alpha development phase.

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📱XANA Metaverse App (Alpha)

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