You Don’t Want to Miss this Best GameFi of 2022, NFTDUEL

NFTDUEL, The Best TCG For Metaverse

Dear Community,
What an amazing journey so far!

Today we are super excited to announce that NFTDUEL is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing NFT game on the market. Before we get into that, let’s talk about NFT games.

What is NFT Gaming?

NFTs are blockchain-based assets and are merely represented in games as some kind of usable item. Players play the game and complete levels or win battles. Completing achievements programmed into the game allows players to earn NFTs or the games’ native tokens. NFTs can be transferred from games onto the secondary market where they can be sold for cryptocurrencies or even fiat money. This liquidation is possible in gaming due to NFTs and has led to the emergence of a new term in the digital space as “Play-to-Earn“.

NFT games give players complete control over their digital assets. Whereas Traditional games allow players to spend money on digital assets, the utility of those assets is limited to in-game functionality. Players may lose these assets when the game server is closed. However, NFT games overcome this problem and provide players with asset management. It allows players to trade their assets with other players, sell them for money, or use them on different gaming platforms.

What is NFTDUEL?

NFTDUEL is a blockchain-based trading card game for Metaverse that lets you battle, collect, and earn in real-time. It is an innovative GameFi that turns world-renowned IPs into NFTs trading cards. Among the many GameFi projects, NFTDUEL has everything to climb to the top with a robust combination of multiple unbeatable strengths.


  • All cards as NFT assets. every money and time you spend turn into your actual assets with verifiable ownership.
  • Play as famous people or characters by partnering with famous IPs.
  • Based on the XANA NFT Metaverse! Live stories in the virtual world and interact as avatars.
  • Powered by XANA’s unique Sidechain solutions and Cross-chain NFT Bridges.

All the aforementioned features lead to the conception of a world where virtual play leads to gaining assets and earning income in the real world. It is up to the player to choose any card in the battle and utilize its properties to become the best duelist. We are going to introduce multiple series of exciting cards soon.

Game Flow Explained

NFTs are disrupting the gaming industry, with GameFi and Play-to-Earn captivating the interest of avid gamers. NFTDUEL brings together NFTs and Metaverse, setting high standards for forthcoming NFT games. Here we’ve put together a detailed guide to NFTDUEL. Let’s continue reading!

Metaverse Interoperability

The feature of “Metaverse Interoperability” integrates blockchain, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality into the gaming sector. This is not only a fundamental shift in who can participate and what can be done, but it also demonstrates the real market value of assets, interactions, and experiences gained in the digital realm of blockchain gaming. Players can pick their favorite NFT avatar and embark on a vast array of open worlds. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the NFTDUEL battle arena.

The Best Rival Is The Best Friend

NFT Gaming is knocking on the door of the gaming industry with a bag full of perks and advantages. It is creating a user-friendly NFT gaming ecosystem that will be the most exciting acquisition of the decade. NFTDUEL with PvP is like a dream come true for many gamers.
NFTDUEL offers a variety of options for collecting cards and earning money while playing. Players are able to collect cards and unlock special abilities, and the higher rarity cards are super valuable. The Higher the rarity of your card the higher its price will be when it’s auctioned or sold in the NFT market. The NFT Duel PVP game is like a battle for survival with a chance to win cryptocurrencies that can be used in the real world.

Build a Deck, Start a Duel

Collect and build an unstoppable force of characters from your favorite heroes including ULTRAMAN. Each card has its own unique strengths and abilities based on its genre. Build your own deck to conquer your enemies.

Be The Best Duelist

It’s a great opportunity to win battles. The faster who damages the opponent player’s HP to zero wins the duel. Pretty simple! NFTDUEL allows users to win battles to acquire various rewards based on your rank and level of the league you belong to.

NFT Duel’s First-Ever Collaboration

NFT DUEL, a metaverse compatible NFT game, announces that its first IP is ULTRAMAN. ULTRAMAN is a comic character published by HEROES Co. (CEO: Katsuya Shirai) that is going to feature in the NFT game and metaverse. It has won №1 Japan anime in Netflix 2019 ( Starting Season 2 in 2022), the comic sold 4,000,000 copies and has an intense fanbase in over 192 countries.

NFT cards and other non-fungible tokens to be issued under this project are traded through the XANALIA NFT marketplace, developed by NOBORDER.z. ULTRAMAN NFT will also be used as an avatar and various other items in the “XANA” metaverse that is developed by this company. Details of the NFT and how to obtain it will be announced soon on the official website and on Twitter.

Collaborating with Our Company

Irrespective of the appeal of your product, it is of no use if it doesn’t conform to the latest technologies. Target the masses, and we can help you in doing that. Creating a new revenue source for your company, we convert your existing IP (Intellectual Property) into NFT game cards. The benefits of joining the NFT market, and GameFi are immense, and joining now gives you the first-mover advantage in this nascent industry.

Let us explain:

  • We turn your IP into NFT cards. Images turn into basic NFT, but if you have audio and video, the NFT becomes more valuable.
  • To generate revenue for the company, you can put the NFT card pack on sale.
  • You can also create a path for secondary sales revenue by letting the users trade your cards. When they carry out dealings within the arena, your company also gains income.

The Way Forward

Stay tuned for development updates over the coming months as the launch date for NFTDUEL approaches. We would like to invite the NFTDUEL community to check out our game and community. You’ll find a group of futurist gamers and NFT enthusiasts interested in redefining digital ownership with a play-to-earn concept.

Come meet us in our Discord and Telegram!


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