You Don’t Want to Miss this Best GameFi of 2022, NFTDUEL

NFTDUEL, The Best TCG For Metaverse

What is NFT Gaming?

What is NFTDUEL?


  • All cards as NFT assets. every money and time you spend turn into your actual assets with verifiable ownership.
  • Play as famous people or characters by partnering with famous IPs.
  • Based on the XANA NFT Metaverse! Live stories in the virtual world and interact as avatars.
  • Powered by XANA’s unique Sidechain solutions and Cross-chain NFT Bridges.

Game Flow Explained

NFT Duel’s First-Ever Collaboration

  • We turn your IP into NFT cards. Images turn into basic NFT, but if you have audio and video, the NFT becomes more valuable.
  • To generate revenue for the company, you can put the NFT card pack on sale.
  • You can also create a path for secondary sales revenue by letting the users trade your cards. When they carry out dealings within the arena, your company also gains income.

The Way Forward



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